You’re a Team of One

You might not even be the only member of the fundraising staff—but—you’re all alone.  Whether you’re a fundraiser or executive director, you’re running a fundraising program without the support and benefit of a team of other staff and board members.

This is never a good situation—even if you can still raise money.  It won’t be anywhere close to what you could do with everyone in the organization pulling in the same direction.

Here a couple of suggestions that will help you build your team beyond you.

  • Identify one or two like-minded staff members or board members.  See your board and staff as individuals not a group.  Conversion is one at a time.
  • If you’ve got the lone wolf fundraiser or executive, ask yourself “Why?”  Once you’ve answered this question, creating a successful strategy to engage your lone wolf is doable.

We show you how to navigate these and other situations in our on-demand fundraising training, The Oracle League.  We give you step by step.  With the monthly live coaching calls, we can get as granular as you need.

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