Relieve your financial anxiety

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Change your relationship with money for good.





Fundraising is a drain on even the most resilient CEO

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The solution is within your reach.

Fundraising targets always a struggle?

Frustrated you can't seem to "get ahead"?

Acquiring new donors harder and harder?

Same approaches less and less effective?

The problem is almost always a mis-aligned organizational culture.

Ready to eliminate the burden and the angst?

Change your relationship

with money for good.

Liberate yourself.

Align your entire organization with a new perspective.

The solution is getting everyone in your organization thinking the same way.

We provide you with the tools, skills, guidance, and support to transition to your most productive fundraising culture.

While you raise more money than ever.

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The proof is in.

Success is when you focus on relationships with donors.

  • Over 5 years, 200,000 non-profit organizations were tracked.
  • Organizations which embraced the Eight Principles fundraising approach grew faster–no matter their size.
  • Up to 400% faster in fact.
  • They gained the freedom to pursue their mission without constraints.

Sustained, permanent revenue gains.

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[1] Results from 200K organizations over five years (Texas Tech University)

 As you raise more, spend less.

It’s not just what you raise, it’s what you keep.

Some would falsely claim that fundraising efforts cost nothing.  Every CEO knows otherwise.

The question is how much are you spending?  Or, how much are you losing?

Efforts tied to events and acquiring new donors are very costly.  And yet—this is where many organizations put the bulk of their programing dollars.

The Eight Principles® – the highest fundraising ROI available

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ROI of various fundraising methods

Achieving Success is Simple


Become an Eight Principles Partner

We help you select two Eight Principles champions within your organization. A Coach and a Practitioner.

Initial Training for Coach and Practitioner

Selected candidates are trained by us in a three-month structured cohort. When finished, both are fully qualified to conduct internal live training and competent in relational fundraising.

Move From Top Down to Inside Out

Your Coach and Practitioner become agents of change within your organization. First training senior staff and board, they work downwards and outwards in the organization creating buy-in.

Continual Reinforcement

Your program is ongoing throughout the organization. All board members and staff receive an online training account for their personal use. Eight Principles team members work with you to facilitate cultural transition.

Communities of Practice

As an Eight Principles Partner, you're invited to attend quarterly meetings where leadership teams of other Eight Principles Partners exchange ideas and learn from mutual experience.

Uninterrupted Momentum

Key to success is maintaining momentum. Should you lose your Coach or Practitioner, we will train replacements at no additional fee.

Success is never about "asking for money."

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We'll show you how to make life easier.

We Partner With You For Success

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Become a Partner Organization.

Get everything you need to succeed.

  • The organization pays an annual subscription fee
  • The CEO, Board and broader team are guided through the entire implementation process
  • Training for at least one Coach and one Practitioner included
  • Replacement coaches or practitioners trained at no additional fee
  • Ongoing upgrades and additions included
  • Our white glove service, The Eight Principles Way™

Ready to relieve financial anxiety for good?

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Enrollment for Thursday, 9 May 2024 Cohort Has CLOSED
The Next Available Cohort will begin Thursday, 22 August 2024
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What Others Say About The Eight Principles®

What has been missing in the non-profit world.

S DeChenne

Manages both to be sophisticated—for professional fundraising leaders—yet accessible for boards and executives who don't consider themselves content experts in fundraising.

P Drury

We use this with all our board members

K. McMaster

Eliminated the longstanding fear of fundraising for my board members

S. Roberson

Easy yet significant exercises

R. Kennedy

Provides a pathway to success, now and into the future

D. C. Dreger

An excellent tool for any not-for-profit organization, for both their professional staff and their board members

R. Gregg


The Eight Principles Partner program is unique.  Employing cutting edge training methods and live-communities technologies, it’s designed for lay persons and professionals alike.  It stresses sophistication through simplicity and practical application.

Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Is the Eight Principles Partner Program suitable for any nonprofit organization?

Yes.  The Partner program is designed for nonprofit organizations with annual operating budgets of at least $2M USD.  We stress universal principles which are applicable in all nonprofit settings.

How are the Coach and Practitioner candidates chosen?

Candidates for the Coach and Practitioner training are selected by the client organization with guidance from The Eight Principles.

What happens after the three month training for Coaches and Practitioners? 

When the training for your Coach and Practitioner is complete, a member of the Eight Principles team will provide an initial on-boarding conference for you to get started within your organization.

Can I interact with other members of The Eight Principles Client Community?

Eight Principles training professionals have ongoing access to The Eight Principles Community, an online forum with periodic live events.  As an Eight Principles Partner client, you’ll be invited to participate in periodic Communities of Practice masterminds, as well.

How much does it cost?

Client Partners pay an annual subscription fee.  There are no additional charges.  Ever.

The level of the fee is determined by size of your operating budget and whether you desire multiple coaches and practitioners.  The Eight Principles Practitioner Certification is a valuable investment providing immediate benefits for your career as a nonprofit professional and for the organization which you serve.

Contracts are renewed on an annual basis.

Talk to us. We'll listen.