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  Deliver a Proven Framework

  Be the Go-To Expert

  Get the Results You Want

First, let's talk about your clients' challenges.

As an Eight Principles Coach

You use proven tools and training to achieve superior lasting results

Getting everyone on the same page is like herding cats.

You’re Hearing these from Your Clients Continuously:

"It's a revenue roller coaster."

"Donor and staff loyalty are in the tank."

"More leverage--not more time."

"The growth model isn't delivering"

Show them a different way.

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Realign their thinking.
And prepare them for your best work.

Second, let's talk about what's holding you back.

Most nonprofit consultants and coaches use the high-jump.

When you use the high-jump, they’re only just clearing the bar—if that.
On the next turn, the bar’s a little higher and it’s only just cleared—again.

That’s most nonprofit coaches. There’s a clear goal—or “need”—but it’s right there. No higher.

The problem?
It’s a low, incremental goal. Scaling becomes almost impossible

Finally, blow through those constraints.

Eight Principles Coaches use the long jump.

With the long jump, you leap as far as possible every time you run.
There’s no limit other than the one you set for yourself.

This is how successful coaches generate huge, permanent revenue growth.

With the Long Jump, You Create Leverage.

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When You Become an Eight Principles Coach You Make the Leap Like Nothing Else.

As a Coach You Receive

  • 3 Month Paced Training in a Peer Cohort

  • Live Stream Coaching Sessions

  • Original HD Videos

  • Exclusive exercises, worksheets and templates

  • Unlimited Use of The Eight Principles Team Training Curriculum

  • Unlimited use of the Fundraising Pathfinder

  • The Eight Principles Way™–our exclusive execution system

  • Membership in The Eight Principles Community with webinars and product discounts

  • Discounts and revenue shares Eight Principles training and products

  • Participation in The Eight Principles client referral program

  • Digital Certification Badge you can display on profiles and websites

The Premier Credential in Relational Philanthropy.

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Eight Principles Client Training Materials and Tools are Fully Customizable

To Yours and Your Clients’ Needs

Becoming an Eight Principles Coach is Simple


Step 1 - Apply

You'll have a brief call with a friendly team member to see if becoming an Eight Principles Coach is right for you.

Step 2 - Attend the Training

Participate in the live virtual training within a cohort of well motivated, like-minded professionals.

Step 3 - Become Certified

Receive your certification and license upon successful completion of your training.

Step 4 - Employ

Employ Eight Principles training tools to move your clients to higher plateaus of sustainable philanthropy.

As an Eight Principles Coach You Set Yourself Apart

We partner with you and work for your continued success. You belong to an exclusive community of top professionals. Through our unique training platforms, materials, videos and other personalized services, we give you the tools and perspectives which put you out in front.

Become the Best in a Sea of Average

Being an Eight Principles Coach enables you to stand out in a sea of fundraising leaders.  Spend more time doing the work you actually enjoy doing while getting transformational results.

Get Training & Ongoing Support

Becoming an Eight Principles Coach enables you to deliver the best  results.  Eight Principles Coaches benefit from support calls, webinars and peer events.

Boost Your Career and Grow Your Business

Scale your coaching practice by providing unique value and unequaled results.  Identify your career  “sweet spot” and increase your value in the marketplace.

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Hear from Ed, college president, fundraiser,
and Eight Principles Coach

Ready to move your practice and career into the fast lane?

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The next cohort begins Thursday, 22 August 2024
Now enrolling.

How Does It Work?

If you’re a consultant or coach who serves nonprofit organizations, being an Eight Principles Coach employing our educational platform and tools will enable you to deliver your very best work, while you position your client to achieve the best outcomes.

When you’re a licensed Eight Principles Coach you have the full portfolio of Eight Principles tools at your fingertips including our unique live training platform, exclusive program execution system, and proprietary fundraising program interpretive assessment tool.

Access to the coach training and community portals, Live Training curriculum, Fundraising Pathfinder program assessment, and The Eight Principles Way™ our exclusive execution system are included.  As certified Eight Principles Coach, self-paced online training memberships and Practitioner certification training are available to you for your staff and/or clients at an attractive discount.


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What does it TAKE to be a successful coach?

We’ve identified 3 skills every coach should have. These skills help you:
  • Gain the respect and admiration of those you’re coaching
  • Give the best advice
  • Get the best results for your organization or client
  • Retain clients longer while gaining more referrals

Download Three Skills Every Coach Should Have

    Answers to Your Questions

    The Eight Principles Coach program is unique.  It provides coaches and consultants who serve nonprofit organizations with the opportunity to build their practices by using the best training for relational philanthropy available.

    Click below to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Click for the Answers to Your Questions

    I’m a consultant who’s a one-person shop.  Will being and  Eight Principles coach and using the tools and training  enable me to manage more clients concurrently and keep them longer?

    Yes.  Our tools and training platforms are specifically designed to quickly prepare clients to receive your best work.  In doing so, you’re spending far less time hand-holding and much more delivering your expertise.  Thus, you’re able to handle more concurrent clients.  You also become your clients’ trusted advisor thereby retaining your clients far longer.

    I have considerable experience in fundraising.  Can I use my experiences and examples with The Eight Principles teaching materials or do I have to use them lock-step as delivered?

    The beauty of The Eight Principles curricular materials is their high-level of flexibility and adaptability.  When you maintain the fidelity to the Principles, you can insert your own experiences and re-arrange materials as it suits the particular situation.  The Eight Principles tools are ideal for the seasoned veteran.

    Is the Coach Certification for an individual?

    Certification is for an individual.  If you’re in a consulting firm that desires more than one Coach, The Eight Principles will provide an enterprise solution for you with reduced training and maintenance fees per coach.

    I’m in marketing and communication .  I am considering focusing more on fundraising.  Will becoming an Eight Principles Coach help me be successful?

    Yes.  The beauty of Eight Principles training and tools is their straightforward presentation and use.  Sophisticated and nuanced yet straightforward in application.

    The fundraising training that’s out there all seems the same.  How is Eight Principles training different from other fundraising training?

    Eight Principles Training is unique in three ways.

    First, it works to transform dysfunctional mindsets which severely limit fundraising success.  Second, it’s created for adults.   The training actively engages every participant.  In the live sessions, participants work in small groups, not sitting passively classroom style.  They use all five learning modes:  visual, kinetic, written, aural, group participation.  They’re action based and goal oriented.  Third, they’re suitable for everyone in an organization–from the most senior board member to the most junior staff person.

    What’s The Eight Principles Way™ Execution System?  How does it work?

    The Eight Principles Way™ execution system is a customized platform using which enables you to track and administer effectively the various pieces of a relational fundraising program.  Specifically, it  allows you to:

    • Promote Your Vision–move forward as a team by clarifying, refining, documenting and then sharing your organization’s compelling vision
    • Organize, Align, Share–end miscommunications and misalignments by seemlessly sharing knowledge, resources and data
    • Elevate Accountability–Create a culture of trust and accountability by unifying teams into one platform
    • Capture Core Data–Gain clear lines of sight into individual worlds with a readily-accessible hub that promotes sharing information and communication
    • Save Time–Reduce the hours you waste on boring, unproductive meetings and tracking down lost information
    • Boost Productivity–Give everyone the tools they need to get work done in less time with less frustration
    Is there a ‘network’ of Coaches?  A group where professionals can share information and experiences?

    Yes.  When you become a coach, you’re “wired in.” with a network of your peers.

    I don’t live in the United States.  How can I participate in The Eight Principles training and certification process?

    Currently Eight Principles live training and coaching training is available in the US and in India.  Contact us HERE for information on availability in your area.

    Is certification as an Eight Principles facilitator permanent?

    Once you’ve obtained certification, you remain active as long as you remit your ongoing licensing fee.  The fee enables you to continue both your access to the full portfolio of training and tools as well as your membership in the exclusive Coach Community.  If you allow your certification to lapse,  and wish to reinstate it, you’ll need to contact us for the procedure.  You’re encouraged to participate in facilitator conferences and work groups to maintain and enhance your skill.  In order to use The Eight Principles curriculum with clients you will need to have an active use license.  Licenses are for either one or three year terms.

    What sort of support from Eight Principles is available?

    We want you to succeed.  Eight Principles Coaches with current certifications are invited to quarterly active support calls.  If you’re having a particular challenge, help is only an email or phone call away.

    What does an Eight Principles Facilitator license cost?  Do I receive a credit if I am already an Eight Principles member or Certified Practitioner?

    Eight Principles Coach Certification is priced as an initial training and certification fee and monthly maintenance fee thereafter to remain active.  If you are already an Eight Principles member or Certified Practitioner in good standing, the initial fee is reduced by the training fees you’ve already paid.

    Initial training fee is $4,495 in the United States with a monthly $495 licensing fee thereafter.  The initial fee may also be paid in installments.  For pricing in India and Asia, please contact us at .  Current Five Step Plan members and Certified Practitioners are credited with fees already paid.

    focus on fundraising value not cost

    Talk to us.  We’ll listen.