My Donors Are Disappearing

Donors come and donors go—but—you’re sensing that it’s happening more randomly.  You know your first job is to retain the donors already in your fold. Even acquiring new ones is getting more difficult.

Here are a couple of ideas that combat these trends:

  • Donors are turned off with casual, poorly timed or incessant solicitation.  Many things that nonprofits do are perceived as solicitations by donors even when they’re not.
  • Knowing your donors intimately is critical to long-term success.  It’s not as hard you might think but it’s often counterintuitive. 

We tackle each of these situations, and many others, while we guide you step by step in our on-demand fundraising training, The Oracle League.  The on-demand program also has monthly live coaching calls where we can get very specific about what motivates YOUR supporters to stay around.

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