It’s About Who You Are

You’re sitting in front of a donor who throws you a curve.  She says something that is totally unexpected.  How you respond will determine success or failure.  Our tendency in such situations is to pull from our pat messages or reflexive responses.  The question is will they be good enough?  You’ve been there.  So, have I.

Success lies in something called emotional intelligence.

If you’re looking to be a top tier fundraiser, the one who brings home the bacon, having nuanced confidence and the ability to be nimble is essential.

Emotional intelligence is largely a factor of our experience and background.  More and more, jobs at many levels and fields require a high level of this.  The best fundraisers have always had highly developed emotional IQ even if it wasn’t called that.  Instinct?

Everyone can improve their emotional IQ.  Even you and I. 

The Eight Principles is pretty much all about emotionally intelligent responses to whatever situations present themselves.

We offer training that directly addresses emotional IQ in the context of fundraising.  Check it out here.