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How to Reach Us

We’d love to hear from you!

866-499-4777 or 208-453-5012

Larry Johnson


208-453-5012 ext 102

Daniel O’Keef

Partner, Client Engagement

208-453-5012 ext 103

Danielle Ranko

Partner, Operations

208-453-5012 ext 101

Larry Halvorson

Partner, Strategic Alliances


No Bones Refund Policy

We guarantee all our products and services to provide you with superior value and quality.  If upon purchase and use, you do not believe you’ve received superior value, we will refund the full purchase price.  Subscription products, such as Oracle League, Esperan, and Learn & Live have a 60-day limitation with a demonstration of actual client use.  Oracle League use demonstration is completed quiz(es).  Esperan use demonstration is full implementation with data migration.  Learn & Live demonstration is actual session delivery.  Facilitator training fees are not refundable.  Out of pocket and hard material costs are not refundable.

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