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In any field of endeavor, there are a precious few who, by their accomplishments, insights or force of will, distinguish themselves as singular and unique. In the world of philanthropy, we call that group of people, the Oracle League. Taken from the name of the Oracle of Delphi, the source of wisdom in ancient Greece, the Oracle League is our name for that group individuals who have made and continue to make fundamental achievements in philanthropy and fundraising.

Every month, Larry Johnson, Founder of The Eight Principles, interviews leaders and changemakers from across the globe. Podcasts are available here, distributed to our Eight Principles family and on iTunes and Spotify.





05 April 2021

Pete McCown and Community Foundation Impact

Pete McCown is a man on a mission.  With a successful portfolio of experiences in fundraising and higher education administration, destiny came calling ten years ago when he was asked to lead the Community Foundation of Elkhart County, Indiana.

His mission?  To demonstrate the primal force a community foundation can be in the lives of others.  He’s succeeding admirably.

In ten years, Pete has grown the foundation’s assets five-fold.  The Elkhart County Foundation is now one of the nation’s top 100 community foundations.  No mean feat.

For Pete, it’s about much more than money.  The Foundation isn’t the collector of donor advised funds with “nowhere to go.”  Rather, it’s a vibrant organization that is actively improving and enriching the lives of those it touches.  He’s taken leadership positions in the area that bridge philanthropy with business development.

In his conversation with Larry, Pete describes that he sees in the future and how the Foundation can become the model for community foundations everywhere.

17 March 2021

Lisa Greer and the Philanthropy Revolution

My interview this month is with Lisa Greer.  Lisa is the author of Philanthropy Revolution: How to inspire donors, build relationships, and make a difference.

She also writes the blog, Philanthropy 451.

Lisa is what I call the “accidental philanthropist.”  Someone who has always supported her charitable passions but, through a combination of unexpected events, was thrust into a whole new level.  Lisa and her husband, Josh, live in Los Angeles, California.

We talk about her experiences, passions, struggles, and frustrations to effectively engage with nonprofit organizations.

She also shares what donors, like her, REALLY want from the nonprofits they support.  And it isn’t slavish praise or chotskies.

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