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17 June 2024

Business as Usual — Not, a Conversation with Tami Heim 

Tami Heim has been the president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance since January 2012. Her professional career includes executive leadership experience in technology, marketing, publishing, and retail. She has served as a partner in The A Group – Brand Development, executive vice president and chief publishing officer for Thomas Nelson Publishers, and as the president of Borders, Inc.

Tami was certified in for-profit board governance through The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Her nonprofit board experience includes serving on the boards of EQUIP, Lead Like Jesus, Christian Alliance for Orphans, and Growing Leaders. Christianity Today, and Christian Leadership Alliance.  She completed the Christian Credentialed Nonprofit Leader  (CCNL) program in 2013 and now facilitates the online CCNL-Leadership Course for the Alliance.

You can watch the video podcast here.

10 June 2024

When Food is Just the Beginning, a Conversation with Gavin Findlay

Gavin Findlay is the CEO of the New Zealand Food Network and brings with him a diverse professional background spanning the travel, aviation, business, and logistics sectors. As a former Officer in the Royal Air Force (based in the UK), Gavin gained firsthand experience working with vulnerable communities worldwide. This global exposure continues to inspire Gavin’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in New Zealand’s food insecure communities.

You can watch the video podcast here.

03 June 2024

When Men Become Brothers in the Faith, a Conversation with Robert Tunmire

Robert Tunmire has more than 44 years of experience in the franchising industry and is widely known for his ability to grow companies. He served as Executive Vice President of Neighborly (formerly The Dwyer Group) and for seven years he was the President of Glass Doctor, a  30-year old company. He also served as President and CEO of Neighborly/The Dwyer Group and President of Mr. Rooter Corporation, which is one of Neighborly’s companies.

Robert now serves as a Leadership Advisor in the Franchising and Entrepreneurship Industry in addition to being very active in Ministry to Men with the Catholic Church.  In 2006, Robert founded the Central Texas Fellowship of Catholic Men to support Ministry to Men in the Austin Diocese and continues to serve as President of the Advisory Board.   In 2018, Robert joined with a group of leaders in Ministry to Men across North America to found the Catholic Men’s Leadership Alliance with the vision of equipping every diocese in North America with a vibrant   ministry to men.  He currently serves as President and Executive Director, and in 2020 Robert helped CMLA launch Heroicmen.com as a streaming platform for Catholic men.  Robert is also the co-author of No Man Left Behind, Catholic Edition, a guidebook for ministry to men in the Catholic Church today.

You can watch the video podcast here.

20 May 2024

Organizational Development and Fundraising, a Conversation with Abhishek Thakore

Abhishek Thakore is a serial social entrepreneur and a systems change expert with over two decades of experience. As the founder of The Blue Ribbon Movement he has created an ecosystem of initiatives aimed at building youth leadership, civic engagement and thriving cultures across the social sector. An MBA from IIM Bangalore and a Senior Fellow of Bhoomi College, he uses his diverse expertise for serving humanity’s evolutionary purpose and responding to the metacrisis.

You can watch the video podcast here.

13 May 2024

Be Dangerous, Not a Danger, a Conversation with Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm is the author of the books “Today I Rise” and “Man UNcivilized“. He’s a two-time TEDx speaker, men’s coach, and the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement. He’s helped men all over the world to become UNcivilized as they wake up to the power of their hearts, the brilliance of their bodies, and the wisdom of their souls so they can blaze their own path by uniquely blending both the primal and the divine within them.
He is dedicated to doing his part to help end the suffering in men, and the suffering caused by men, by guiding them through their own journey into an actualized version of masculinity.

You can watch the video podcast here.

06 May 2024

Becoming a Leader, a Conversation with Barbra Carlisle

Barbra brings a diverse background, having worked with charities, local authorities, private start-ups, global corporates, and government agencies. Transitioning into a professional executive coach and trainer, she now collaborates with non-profit CEOs, their boards, and leadership teams to enhance individual and team performance.

Barbra has devoted her career to influencing, persuading, and improving systems and behaviors to foster positive change. Her continual goal is to advocate for equal opportunities, justice, respect, and amplify the voices of marginalized individuals. With experience serving on various boards, she currently holds a position on the board of a local arts charity in her community. Understanding her values and leveraging her strengths has guided Barbra to a varied career. She now focuses on coaching, collaborating with individuals and businesses to unleash their potential for personal growth, organizational development, and societal progress.

You can watch the video podcast here.

29 April 2024

Giving Hope. Finding Success, a Conversation with Anthony Cavanagh

Anthony is an Aboriginal man (Taungurung), who is the CEO of Aboriginal-led charity Ganbina, which runs Australia’s most successful Aboriginal school-to-work transition program called Jobs4U2.

Anthony has been Ganbina’s CEO since 2013. Anthony’s career spans over 30 years working in recruitment, training, operations, and community services in both the private and government sectors. He is a past member of the ANZ Bank’s Indigenous Advisory Council, an alumnus of the prestigious Williamson Leadership Program and Melbourne Business School’s MURRA Program and a past director of Philanthropy Australia. Anthony is also an Education advisor to the Africa Development Centre. He has also studied at Stanford Business School in the United States. He has a Diploma of Business and holds qualifications in Quality Management, Risk Management, Workplace Safety and Environmental Management systems.

Ganbina, is based in the Goulburn Valley in Victoria. Ganbina helps approximately 350 Aboriginal Children & Youth each year aged from 5-25 to unlock their full potential by keeping engaged in education, employment, and training.

You can watch the video podcast here.

16 April 2024

When Passion Becomes a Calling, a Conversation with Ruth Githumbi

Ruth has over a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, working with and raising millions for, C3, C4, and PAC organizations in areas from international water access, sanitation, and hygiene, to progressive policy, specifically focused on finding ways to advance organizational missions through philanthropy. Ruth is a passionate relationship-builder and brings that philosophy to her fundraising work to create transformational, insightful, and customized fundraising strategies. Her experience as a first-generation Kenyan-American woman and fundraising executive has crucially informed the lens through which she approaches her work. As such, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice are at the forefront of everything she does. Ruth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master’s in Nonprofit Management. She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, their amazing 20-month-old daughter, and 10-year-old fur-son.

You can watch the video podcast here.

09 April 2024

Hope and Light in the Desert, a Conversation with Michael Ryer

Michael Ryer, President and CEO of Amigos Internacionales, is a seasoned veteran in the realm of ministry, carrying a rich tapestry of 43 years’ experience into his leadership. His ministerial journey began in the pews of Boyd Baptist Church in Bonham, Texas, where he cut his teeth as a Music/Youth Minister. Ryer’s portfolio of service across North and East Texas is diverse, having assumed roles in youth, music, education, and administration. His academic forays are equally notable, having imparted his knowledge at Navarro College and taught virtually for Grand Canyon University, covering topics from the Old Testament to the History of Christianity.

On the global stage, Ryer’s footprint as a missionary is indelible, with impactful tenures in Israel and Guam. He has also been the driving force behind mission trips to destinations as varied as the Ukraine and Belize. At the heart of his ethos is a focus on ‘feeding the Hungries,’ which has led to initiatives like the pursuit of a mobile kitchen project in Belize. His commitment is mirrored in his stewardship at Missionpoint Initiatives, highlighted on https://www.amigosii.org/missionpoint,  where he champions educational and healthcare projects, underscoring community development and sustainability.

Ryer’s tenure on various non-profit boards showcases his commitment to addressing critical social issues from teen pregnancy to housing for the impoverished. His leadership acumen was especially evident during his organization of disaster relief for hurricanes Katrina and Rita victims, reflecting a hands-on approach in crisis management. Looking forward, Ryer is poised to lead Amigos Internacionales with a clear vision, aiming to scale new heights and broaden the organization’s reach and influence. His journey, laden with experience and marked by a passion for service, continues to evolve, inviting others to partake in a collective mission of impactful change and humanitarian progress.

You can watch the video podcast here.

02 April 2024

Lessons From Donors, a Conversation with Joe Mazzu

Born in Houston, Texas, Joe G. Mazzu, III grew up as a young person in Paris, France. His parents were based there as liaison missionaries in the 1960s, serving in Europe and beyond on behalf of their denomination. The Mazzu Family moved back to Houston in 1988. Over the next few years Joe completed Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Houston Graduate School of Theology.

Joe joined the staff of The Brookwood Community in 1996.  Brookwood is a nationally and internationally recognized nonprofit offering exceptional opportunities for adults with special needs. For close to 20 years Joe managed the organization’s annual multi-million dollar development program as Director of Advancement.

Since retiring from Brookwood in December, 2015, Joe has dedicated this next chapter in his life to continued service to others and for God’s glory. That’s why he launched Intentional Consulting LLC, a business providing short-term consulting services to select non-profits and ministries.

Joe’s recently published book, “The Lessons Donors Teach Us: Memorable Episodes in Donor-Centric Fundraising” is available on Amazon.

You can watch the video podcast here.

04 March 2024

Jack Salmon and Philanthropy Roundtable

Jack Salmon is the director of Policy Research at Philanthropy Roundtable. In Jack’s current role, he supports the Policy and Government Affairs team with research, commentary and analysis on issues facing the charitable sector and philanthropic freedom. His research and commentary have been featured in a variety of outlets, including The Hill, Business Insider, RealClearPolicy and National Review.

Prior to joining the Roundtable, Jack served as program manager and researcher at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, where he oversaw policy relating to budgets, taxation, institutions and economic growth. Originally from the U.K., Jack graduated from King’s College London in 2015 with a Master of Arts in political economy.

27 February 2024

Shannon White, Theologian and Ministerial Consultant

Born in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Shannon White is a theologian, ministerial consultant, and ordained minister who currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Shannon currently holds a Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt University with a certification in Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture and certification from the Kelly Miller Smith Institute in Black Church Studies. As a homiletician, liturgist, organizational developer, and fundraiser, Shannon’s ministry is built on Proverbs 27:17: where Iron sharpens Iron—therefore, let’s make each other better and brighter for a blessed world.

22 January 2024

Traver Boehm, Man UNcivilized

Traver Boehm is the author of the books “Today I Rise” and “Man UNcivilized“. He’s a two-time TEDx speaker, men’s coach, and the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement. He’s helped men all over the world to become UNcivilized as they wake up to the power of their hearts, the brilliance of their bodies, and the wisdom of their souls so they can blaze their own path by uniquely blending both the primal and the divine within them.
He is dedicated to doing his part to help end the suffering in men, and the suffering caused by men, by guiding them through their own journey into an actualized version of masculinity.

04 December 2023

Dion McInnis, Author and Fundraiser

My interview in this episode is with Dion McInnis. Dion McInnis has been involved in fundraising activities of various types for more than four decades, including 27 years in the university advancement field (development, alumni/community relations, publications, media relations) with four universities, as well as a decade with other nonprofit organizations. He has long held that fundraising is ministerial. His most recent book is Fundraiser’s Prayer Book: Insights and Inspiration for Faith-driven Fundraisers. Each fundraising story from his career is accompanied by a scriptural reference and an original prayer.

He is also a lifelong photographer and writer; he has conducted classes and workshops in both fields for 40 years.  His public speaking work is inspired by his desire to help people see differently so that they can change perspectives and grow authentically. He is the author of several books, all of which ultimately involve listening to life and gaining wisdom along the way; he is most proud of Daddin’:  The Verb of Being a Dad. Many of his programs are based on a process he created that is explained in his book, LIFElines: Empowering All Aspects of Your Life.

He is the father of three sons, and grandpa to six.  He and his wife live in Huntsville, Texas.

13 November 2023

Linda Hansen, Fund Duel

My interview is with Linda Hansen.  Linda Hansen, PhD., is the CEO and Co-founder of Fund Duel Inc. The innovation of Fund Duel, a gamified online fundraising platform derived from her PhD studies on the neurochemical and psychological motivational system of humans in both positive and negative directions. She also found that there was a lack of innovation in the online fundraising sector and developed Fund Duel to address this need and also to capitalize on the motivational reward system in humans to get involved in raising money and awareness for good causes. The platform motivates engagement through fun competition, winning prizes, challenges, social media, sharing selfies and videos, etc…

Dr. Hansen has owned and operated a Colorado-based guest ranch and corporate event facility, Piney River Ranch, for 8 years with 20-25 employees and several leasing departments, which was the recipient of “business of the year in Vail Valley.”  She has founded two non-profit organizations, Family Time Foundation and Pure Light Foundation and is on the executive board of the Southern California Committee for the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Dr. Hansen has a PhD from Iliff School of Theology and The University of Denver in anthropological studies that included the bio-neurological composition of humans. She has been heavily engaged in community building and networking in Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, and more recently in Los Angeles, CA.

09 October 2023

Betsy Santarlasci, When Volunteers Become Professionals

My interview in this episode is with Betsy Santarlasci.  My interview with Betsy is pure proof that passionate volunteers make the best fundraisers,

Betsy was a “professional volunteer” in Washington, D.C. for 27 years while she and her husband Joe raised their family. During this time, she founded a nonprofit to renovate a historic park in her neighborhood – where the Obamas now live. She was President of FRESHFARM Markets (the largest farmers’ market organization in the D.C. area) and the Women’s Committee of the Washington National Opera.  Betsy and Joe moved to Rhode Island in 2013, where Betsy served as the Executive Director of the first culinary incubator in the State of Rhode Island and then mentored food entrepreneurs for several years before taking a job as Director of Advancement for Daily Table, a nonprofit grocery store in Boston. She quadrupled their individual giving two years in a row. In September, she and Joe moved to Brooklyn, where she is a Major Gifts Officer for City Harvest, a nonprofit that recently rescued its one billionth pound of food and delivered it to one of 400 partner organizations across all five boroughs of New York. She’s thrilled to now live only four miles from their two sons, Nicolas and Marco, and their mini goldendoodle Louie.

10 July 2023

Scott Hutchings

My interview in this episode is with Scott Hutchings. Scott is a father of 4, partner to 1, and a business owner working to make a difference in the world, once cent at a time. Global Coin Solutions is focused on helping charities with their fundraising initiatives by enabling them to be able to collect left over foreign currency: Any Currency, Any Amount.

Further, it Scott’s goal to employ people; the more charities they help, the more funds are raised, and the more people it takes to do the work and they do this while paying a “living wage” to their staff, ensuring they don’t need the services of the charities they are supporting

19 June 2023

Kevin Cowl, Nonprofit Veteran

Kevin is a 25+ year veteran of non profit organizations with diverse missions and constituencies, including international education, foreign policy, aging, housing, alternative energy and more. His background includes fundraising, operations, finance, strategy, advocacy campaigns, and membership development. He has worked in the US and Europe and in addition to his professional pursuits is active as an artist and musician exhibiting and performing in the Mid-Atlantic region.

10 May 2023

Russell James, The Professor and Researcher

My interview in this episode is with Russell James. Russell is a professor in  the School of Financial Planning at Texas Tech University where he directs the on-campus and online graduate program in Charitable Financial Planning (planned giving).

He graduated, cum laude, from the University of Missouri School of Law where he was a member of the Missouri Law Review and received the United Missouri Bank Award for Most Outstanding Work in Gift and Estate Taxation and Planning. He also holds a Ph.D. in consumer economics from the University of Missouri, where his dissertation was on charitable giving.

Prior to his career as an academic researcher, Dr. James worked as the Director of Planned Giving for Central Christian College in Moberly, Missouri for 6 years and later served as president of the college for more than 5 years, where he had direct and supervisory responsibility for all fundraising. During his presidency the college successfully completed two major capital campaigns, built several new debt-free buildings, and more than tripled enrollment.Dr. James has published research in over 75 peer-reviewed scientific journal and law review articles and has been quoted on charitable and financial issues in a variety of news sources.

27 March 2023

Maryanne Dersch, Removing Barriers

My interview in this episode is with Maryanne Dersch. Maryanne is the CEO and Chief Excitement Officer of Courageous Communication, LLC.

Maryanne Dersch specializes in helping nonprofit organizations easily increase their influence and connect with new donors so they can raise more money without feeling rejected, ineffective or pushy.  She has spent almost thirty years working in the nonprofit world helping organizations communicate more effectively internally and externally.

From her years in the biz, Maryanne understands that you can’t change how your organization communicates without changing the culture that supports the communication. And it takes good leaders to mold that culture. Courageous Communication helps you understand your gifts and value, and help others around you do the same. From board to staff to volunteers to clients, you will have a culture that embodies authentic communication. You will operate with confidence about what will happen instead of fear of what might happen.

05 October 2022

Elie Rubinstein

My interview is with Elie Rubinstein.

Elie is the Executive Director of EMERGENCY USA and President of The Blue Card. Elie Rubinstein is a non-profit professional and humanitarian with more than 20 years of leadership experience working for the advancement of underserved individuals, families and children, locally and internationally. A skillful fundraiser, Elie Rubinstein most recently served as the Executive Director of H.E.S., a community center in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Under his leadership, the agency’s annual operating budget rose from $4,000,000 to $6,000,000. Elie Rubinstein earned his BA from Belorussian Polytechnic Institute in Minsk, Belarus, his MA in Management from the Heller School, Brandeis University, and most recently he started Horizons University’s online Doctor of Business Administration program. In his spare time, Elie likes to play chess and run marathons.

13 June 2022

Gabe Cooper

My interview is with Gabe Cooper.

Gabe Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Virtuous, a Responsive Nonprofit CRM & Marketing Platform helping nonprofits build lasting relationships with their donors. He is also the author of the top selling book Responsive Fundraising. After serving in a leadership role at a large nonprofit, Gabe went on to help build a series of successful software products in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. His team’s products have been featured in Wired, USA Today, NY Times, and Apple’s WWDC. His drive stems from a passion to create market-defining software and help charities re imagine generosity.

02 May 2022

Ben Stroup, Master the Pivot

My interview is with Ben Stroup.

Ben Stroup is Chief Growth Architect and President at Velocity Strategy Solutions, a next-generation business strategy, and management consulting firm focused on helping ambitious leaders align teams, reduce complexity, eliminate friction, and drive revenue. He is a futurist, disruptor, and data champion having served organizations from $5MM to more than $500MM in revenue for more than 18 years.

Ben’s written and edited dozens of books on leadership and growth and is a frequent speaker, podcaster, and guest for business and industry groups. His most recent book, Master the Pivot, was published in 2020. Ben and his wife and two boys live in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

11 April 2022

Dan Mansoor, Behavioral Technology and Fundraising

My interview is with Dan Mansoor.

Daniel Mansoor is president of his nonprofit consulting and philanthropy advisory firm, GoodWorks, based in Cleveland, OH. From senior development positions at Cornell and Brandeis Universities to his 25-year career in private consulting, Mansoor has improved the fundraising and development efforts of diverse nonprofit institutions and advanced the development resources and professional skills of his employers and clients.

GoodWorks focuses on fundraising consulting, capital campaign advisory services, and solicitation and development training. The mission of GoodWorks is to build internal development and fundraising capacity enabling clients to enrich meaningful relationships among prospects and donors and demonstrate sustained philanthropic growth.

He chaired the Council on Foundation’s Family Foundation Conference (2004). In 2000 he helped found the Community Foundation of Tompkins County (Ithaca, NY), now with assets of $25 million.

My conversation with Dan is like going to see Dr. Freud for fundraising advice.

28 March 2022

Brad Parnell, Technology And Then Some

My interview is with Brad Parnell.

Brad is the Founder of Genie Rocket, an all-in-one CRM that will allow you to easily maintain and grow every area of your organization from one screen.

This CRM allows you to reach more clients, stay organized, and generate reviews for your practice. Now you can manage your client follow-up, build funnels that convert browsers into buyers, and autopilot your client nurturing.

My conversation with Brad is like delving into an adventure novel with giving back as the theme.

14 March 2022

Sandy Rees, Avoiding the Nickel and Dime

My interview is with Sandy Rees.

Sandy is a self-described “do-gooder” but not the intrusive, goody-goody we often associate with that term. As founder of Get Fully Funded she has helped hundreds of small nonprofits go from “spaghetti-on-the-wall, nickel-and-dime” fundraising, to achieving 6 or 7-figure bottom-line results.

Her mantra is making fundraising, fast, fun, and productive.  We welcome her into the Eight Principles community!

When she’s not working, Sandy lives on a small farm in rural East Tennessee with 2 dogs, 6 cats, 2 horses and the occasional miniature donkey fosters. She also volunteers for Project Linus, making quilts for kids in need.

My conversation with Sandy is like delving into an adventure novel with giving back as the theme.

28 February 2022

Sherry Quam Taylor, Take No Prisoners Fundraising Success

My interview this month is with Sherry Quam Taylor.

Sherry Quam Taylor, CEO of Quam Taylor, LLC, works with Nonprofit CEOs.  But not just any CEO.  First they have to prove themselves to her that they are ready for a change.  Really ready for a change.  The change? Going from never enough to more than enough.

Once a nonprofit executive have proved themselves to her, Sherry breaks then and their teams free from the black hole of transactional fundraising and helps them reimagine their entire approach to revenue generation

Once done, nonprofits who emerge from this reimagination, go on to achieve dramatic organizational and fundraising success.

Sherry attributes the success of her business to her passion for modeling radical confidence to the future CEOs in her house – her two teenage daughters.

Sherry is the no-nonsense and can-do gal.  I found her articulate, driven and an honest delight.  Once you listen to our conversation, I think you’ll agree.

14 February 2022

Travis Johnson, When Giving Back is an Adventure Novel

My interview this month is with Travis Johnson–no relation but I’d be delighted to claim him!

Despite numerous obstacles he’s had to surmount, Travis is a successful giver in every sense of that term.

His humble beginnings include 36 moves before graduating high school at 17, 6 states, 5 foster homes, and surviving 2 murder attempts. Although this was very rough, there was always a person, group, or church willing to help him and his family. Now that he’s in a position to give back, he’s made it his mission to “Help the Helpers”.

Travis shares his perspective as the former vice president of Books by Vets; a board member at the S.H.I.N.E. foundation; he’s donated over $30,000; volunteered over 1,500 hours; raised more than $500,000; helped start 6 nonprofits; event coordinator; and published author.

My conversation with Travis is like delving into an adventure novel with giving back as the theme.

24 January 2022

Sheryle Gillihan, Technology for Positive Impact

My interview this month is with Sheryle Gillihan.

Sheryle joined CauseLabs in 2010 and has grown with the company as a leader, strategist, and cultural ambassador. Growing up with her own poverty story, she has found her purpose in creating social impact for others. She fuses her hope for a better, brighter future with over 15 years of leadership, operations and technical management experience.

My conversation with Sheryle explores the weft and weave of technology and ideas.

13 January 2022

Shawn Olds, Creating Relationships through Digital Engagement

My conversation this month is with Shawn, Olds. Shawn is a technology and communications thought leader currently serving as the CEO for boodleAI, an AI-powered Enriched Analytics and Advertising solution that has been used to significantly lift conversion, engagement, and retention rates among current and prospective donors. Shawn is a military veteran who served on active duty in the 82nd Airborne Division. After September 11th, 2001, he elected to work with the U. S. Department of States’ Office for Counter-Terrorism and in 2020, was appointed and currently serves as a Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army.

Larry’s conversation with Shawn explores the weft and weave of technology and ideas.

14 December 2021

Becky Endicott, Using the Power of Authenticity to Connect

My conversation this month is with Becky Endicott, co-founder of We Are For Good.  Becky, in her words, is a “storyteller, kindness champion, philanthropy celebrator, justice seeker, humanity endorser, envelope pusher, people lover and just a general awkwardness embracer.”

She believes so firmly in authenticity to drive a narrative, she often shares the most self-deprecating things about herself in the process, because she understands connection isn’t simply derived from the joy-filled moments – they’re found in the messiest ones too.

Her life and work is truly Principle 2 of The Eight Principles®:  Begin at the Beginning™ in action.

Becky values the power of words and the personal connections among each of us. She believes both are critical to stitching together the fabric of every powerful experience leading to giving. When combining the right tenor, pacing, and word choice by a courageous storyteller, she believes a story can unfold to move the hearts and minds of a large population who want to do good. This is transformational philanthropy at its finest, and it’s her passion to set it in motion.

Larry’s conversation with Becky is truly a delight.

18 November 2021

Tricia and Scott Roseveare, Creating Relationships Through Digital Engagement

Truly a “dynamic duo”, Tricia and Scott are a husband wife team that combined their skills and experience to create a digital fundraising platform that makes it primary benefit authentic donor engagement.  Tricia is a nationally known brand marketing and strategy expert who complements Scott’s 25 years of experience in the technology sector.

Their company, Z Give, is a one-of-a-kind digital auction platform that creates authentic donor engagement, thereby becoming a gateway for new donor-investors into an organization.

Z Give builds on innovative online platform and methodology that redefined the way organization utilizes donor insights for design and engagement development.

Larry’s conversation with Tricia and Scott explores the weft and weave of a ground breaking product created by two immensely talented individuals.

26 October 2021

Cami Cotton,  When the Job Comes Calling, Cami Gets Working

Cami was serving at the Tucson Museum of Art when the pandemic upended—practically—everything.  Cami, never one to be outdone, rose to the occasion.  Not only did the museum weather the storm, it prospered.  Thanks, in large part, to Cami’s dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.

A native of Idaho Falls, Idaho, Cami had a solid record of effective fundraising in nonprofit management and fundraising when she arrived in Tucson.  She’s always at the ready with additional experience in electrical contracting and administering a big-rig training school.

Larry’s conversation with Cami is a true delight.  Larry will tell you that we need many more Cami’s in the philanthropic world.  Her refreshing can-do and pragmatic candor are a clear cool morning breeze

14 September 2021

Afam Onyema, When Philanthropy and Service is a Family Affair

Larry’s interview with Afam speaks to his personal story as well as the heart of philanthropy.

Born in the United States, Afam has always felt the pull of his family’s ancestral homeland, Nigeria.

Taking his undergraduate degree at Harvard, Afam had a brief tenure in corporate public relations then began studying law at Stanford.

Family influence was strong, however, as his father, a physician, had devoted his life to a medical mission in his homeland.  During his studies at Stanford, he co-founded the GEANCO Foundation.  The Foundation’s name is taken from the initials of his siblings, mother and father.

Afam had found his calling.

GEANCO’s mission is to save and transform lives in Nigeria. GEANCO leads complex surgical missions to Nigeria. It runs an innovative program to fight anemia and builds modern maternity clinics to help poor, vulnerable pregnant women deliver healthy babies.

In its short history, the Foundation has been tremendously successful in both it’s mission and in its building of support

Afam’s fundraising for the Foundation subscribes to the true definition of philanthropy.  It’s two persons coming together to accomplish what neither can do alone.

16 August 2021

Marc Stein,  It’s About Trust

Larry’s interview with successful Marc demonstrates that whatever endeavours you undertake sustained success always comes down to trust.

Marc is the chief development officer of Jews for Jesus.

As co-founder of The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence® and co-Inventor of OpX360®, Marc is an avid entrepreneur.

His previous roles include Vice President and Executive Team Member of Joni and Friends International Disability Ministry, President of Gospel Light Worldwide, and National Director of the International Bible League.

Marc’s work in advancement and business is characterized by the desire to create trust between stakeholders.

19 July 2021

Louis Diez, Getting to the Heart of Annual Giving

Louis Diez could be considered a polymath.  A thought leader in annual giving, he is the host of the. Donor Participation Project.

Louis is also an accomplished musician, and recognized authority on investing in the tangible assets of musical instruments.

Louis took his Ph.D. in business from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and his master’s in musical performance from the University of Tennessee.

He currently serves as the Executive Director of Annual Giving at Muhlenberg College.  He writes about philanthropy in his blog.

In his conversation with Larry, Louis shares his innovative and groundbreaking ideas on the parameters and dimensions of annual giving.  With Louis, it’s fundamentally about renewed relationships with donor investors.

15 June 2021

Guillaume McMartin and Finding Your Way Through Giving

Guillaume was a firefighter and fire investigator for eight years in his hometown in Quebec, Canada.  After letting others push him around and walking on his feet since he was a child, he got a point where he lost all his self-confidence and passion for living.  He had to choose, to give up, or to find his purpose.

Since choosing to find his purpose, Guillaume has been on a journey of protecting those who cannot defend themselves including people, communities and all living things.

Through his journey through spirituality, social entrepreneurship and by listening to his heart, Guillaume founded Planet Karma with friends to inspire people around the world to do good around them by creating inspirational videos.  Generating good karma by doing good deeds for others and our planet.

Planet Karma is quickly becoming a video/TV production company to create shows to both entertain, inspire and educate humanity so that we can all live in harmony with ourselves, each other, our planet and all living things.

In his conversation with Larry, Guillaume shares who he is and where he’s going.

17 May 2021

Sally Bryant and the Recruiting Dance

Sally Bryant serves as the president and CEO for one of the nation’s leading search firms specializing in recruiting and training advancement professionals, BRYANT GROUP.

Sally brings something often promised but rarely delivered in the recruiting world.  True relational integrity and respect for both client and candidate.  This quality has brought Sally to the pinnacle of the profession.

In this wide-ranging interview, Sally shares how she navigates between the perceived needs of her clients while delivering to them a match they might have never considered.  With her one-year guarantee, her ability to beat the odds and place candidates who often stay for a decade not months, shines bright.

What makes a top fundraiser?  What are the qualities which are in high demand but short supply?  Sally offers her candid assessments in this thoughtful session.

In her conversation with Larry, Sally describes what she sees in the future and how fundraisers and organizations alike can prepare.

05 April 2021

Pete McCown and Community Foundation Impact

Pete McCown is a man on a mission.  With a successful portfolio of experiences in fundraising and higher education administration, destiny came calling ten years ago when he was asked to lead the Community Foundation of Elkhart County, Indiana.

His mission?  To demonstrate the primal force a community foundation can be in the lives of others.  He’s succeeding admirably.

In ten years, Pete has grown the foundation’s assets five-fold.  The Elkhart County Foundation is now one of the nation’s top 100 community foundations.  No mean feat.

For Pete, it’s about much more than money.  The Foundation isn’t the collector of donor advised funds with “nowhere to go.”  Rather, it’s a vibrant organization that is actively improving and enriching the lives of those it touches.  He’s taken leadership positions in the area that bridge philanthropy with business development.

In his conversation with Larry, Pete describes that he sees in the future and how the Foundation can become the model for community foundations everywhere.

17 March 2021

Lisa Greer and the Philanthropy Revolution

My interview this month is with Lisa Greer.  Lisa is the author of Philanthropy Revolution: How to inspire donors, build relationships, and make a difference.

She also writes the blog, Philanthropy 451.

Lisa is what I call the “accidental philanthropist.”  Someone who has always supported her charitable passions but, through a combination of unexpected events, was thrust into a whole new level.  Lisa and her husband, Josh, live in Los Angeles, California.

We talk about her experiences, passions, struggles, and frustrations to effectively engage with nonprofit organizations.

She also shares what donors, like her, REALLY want from the nonprofits they support.  And it isn’t slavish praise or chotskies.

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