Money Isn’t the Differentiator

Donors come to you with different financial capacities.  We all know that.  In fact, much of conventional fundraising practice is built on this fact.

And it’s wrong.

Not that financial capacities of donors don’t matter.  They do. But they aren’t the defining difference when it comes to fundraising.  And that’s kind’a crazy in that the we way we approach donors is based on their financial potential.  “Annual donors.”  “Monthly donors.” “Major donors.”  “Planned giving donors.”  These are monikers we’ve created.

Benefactors to charitable causes never refer to themselves in these ways.  So why do we?

Because virtually all nonprofit organizations see fundraising as a transaction between donor and receiver.  They erroneously think that their worthy cause is driving donors’ generosity. Principle 1 of The Eight Principles® is Donors are the Drivers®.  Donors are in the driver’s seat.  What matters to donors are their visions and values.  Money is simply fuel which will realize these. 

Donors to charitable causes are flesh and blood people.  These well-motivated individuals bring their life situations with them.  Young.  Old. Empty nesters.  Big families. 

When charitable organizations work with donors as real people living real lives, philanthropically is sustained and scales organically.  When you’re in relationship with your supporters they return year after year.  They’re with you—through thick and think.

When you create a path for your supporters to grow close to you, they will move to their highest levels of financial ability.  Naturally. When that happens, you experience incredible monetary growth in your fundraising.

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