Where is Much More Important than What

Almost all of the fundraising conversation centers around what you’re doing to raise money.  What.  The methods.  The programs.   And choosing the right set of methods and executing well is a critical piece.

But—it’s only a piece of the conversation.  And it isn’t even the first.

Before launching out, first consider the Principles involved.  Once you’re firmly aware of these, THEN the methods that will yield the best results will become self-evident.

The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® are those natural laws that are both universal and always in force.  When you’re operating outside of these, your fundraising efforts are in a huge headwind.

We say that effective fundraising is 80% thinking and 20% doing.  Way too often, what we see out there in nonprofit fundraising is the reverse.  Folks frantically rushing about to raise immediate barely sufficient funds while stepping over the gold mines that would catapult them into self-sufficiency.

Whether you’re a small—even very small—organization or a large one, we have the training program for you.

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