I Try to Set My Fundraising Priorities But. . .

As a fundraiser your time is not your own.  You know that.  Despite what you were told about building and executing a program, everyone seems to be putting their oar in—and usually not in a productive way.

To keep an even keel, you must navigate the uncertain waters of board advice and sudden changes in management direction.

Here are a few suggestions on dealing with both

  • When you’re dealing with program folks or management you must learn to manage up.  You’re looking for ways for them to take ownership in what they’re expecting.
  • When it’s a board member who has the latest “bright idea”, the key is to get this person on your side, to get a broader perspective.

Building effective teams—by managing up or enlisting the support and guidance of others can be learned.  We teach both of these concepts and much more in our on-demand fundraising platform, The Oracle League.  With the monthly live coaching calls, we can get down to the nitty gritty.

Check it out.