Sometimes, You’d Just Like to Hide

We’ve all been there.  Our confidence with donors is in the tank.  We’re all bound up in achieving our goals, but when it comes to real, live donors we freeze—or run.

Here are a few strategies that will get you back into the game:

  • First, remember that your donors are people.  They’re human just like you. 
  • Remember that it’s not about you.  Successful fundraisers have their egos in check.
  • Practice getting to know your donors as you would your friends.  Just don’t think they’re you’re buddies—because they’re not.

Notice a pattern here?  It’s about thinking more than doing.  We teach you how to adopt the right mindset with our on-demand training program.  Fundraising success is, after all, 80% thinking and 20% doing.

We get into the nitty gritty on the monthly live-coaching calls.   Achieving real confidence in working with donors is learned.  It doesn’t come naturally.  We’ll teach you.