Your Board is Driving You Nuts

You know that board involvement in the fundraising program is essential to real success.  Sure, you can raise money without them but it’s damn hard.  And certainly, no fun.

There are all sorts of dysfunction out there.  From passive to a lot of unwanted “advice”.

Here are a couple of ideas that combat board dysfunction:

  • Most board reluctance to participate in fundraising stems from a faulty understanding of what fundraising is.  It’s critical that you shift their thinking. 
  • For the meddlesome board member, the best course of action is to thank them for their help and give them something to do. 

This certainly doesn’t cover it all.  Prestige boards, fossil boards, overseer boards are all real drags on fundraising.

We tackle ALL of these in our on-demand fundraising training, The Oracle League.  The on-demand program also has monthly live coaching calls where we can get very specific about what ails your board.

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