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You can build a kick-ass fundraising culture

Where you raise more money each and every year.  Where your fundraising revenue withstands economic storms.  Where there’s no more staff or board member revolving doors.  Where your entire organization is united toward common goals that feed your fundraising machine.

We take you there in three steps:

• First, pinpoint your location with our philanthropic compass.
• Next, train your team The Eight Principles Way.
• Finally, make it live inside your organization.

It’s That Simple

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“Training available to everyone at the level they need when they need it.”

–Bill A, Hospital CEO

Philanthropic True North

Step 1

The Philanthropic Compass

Answer a few simple questions.  Our exclusive philanthropic compass, Orbis4,  pinpoints your location and shows you your path to lasting fundraising success.  Don’t be misled by its simplicity.  It hits the mark every time.


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Answer twenty-seven, multiple-choice questions, and share your organization’s mid-term goals.  We measure how sustainable your current fundraising efforts are and how quickly your revenue can scale upwards.  Takes 10 minutes or less.

The Orbis4™ places your organization in one of four compass points.

We show you your current strengths, along with the ideal sequence of big steps you take to capitalize on these and achieve your goals.

Aspirational.  Powerful.  Big Picture.  A Clear Path Forward.

Discover Your Path to Success

Step 2

Interactive Team Training

Effective fundraising requires teamwork.  No mystery here.  The trick is getting everyone going in the same direction with a common understanding and purpose.  Our live interactive training removes the angst and clears the fog—for everyone.  Teamwork has never been so much fun.  Our training is unique–it’s experience based.  You learn by doing.


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Our live training workshops are created for executives, staff, board members and professional fundraisers.

Highly interactive, they’re delivered in plain language  with no off-putting jargon or fundraising-speak.  There’s no sitting in lecture settings staring at 12-point slides.  Our training is unique.  You learn through experience.

You work in small groups.  You learn by doing.  You measure what you learn against universal principles.  You create an action plan and move forward with accountability steps built in.

We give you the understanding to create the fundraising program which is right for your organization.

We get everyone engaged—from board room to reception desk.  We firmly believe effective fundraising is a team affair.

Four unique courses give you the complete picture:

  • The Aha Moment (half day). Acquiring the right mindset for sustainable fundraising.
  • The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® (full day). The universal principles which govern all fundraising—everywhere
  • Creating Your Pathway (half day). How to build a road that leads your benefactors to their highest levels of giving, and keeps them there.
  • Capital Fundraising with The Eight Principles (half day). Practical guidance on how The Eight Principles put campaigns into overdrive as they enlarge the permanent capacity of your fundraising program.

Our interactive workshops are continually updated and enhanced.  New workshops are added periodically.

Start Teambuilding
Interactive Training
Train the Trainer Facilitator

Step 3


Train-the-trainer is our unique delivery system which places the entire Eight Principles interactive training platform inside your organization.  With your own in-house trainer your team just gets stronger.  With on-demand access for one-price, it’s extremely cost effective.  It’s literally Principle 5 of The Eight Principles in action:  Work From the Inside Out.

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Our interactive training curriculum can be delivered effectively by any staff member.

With our Train-the-Trainer we prepare your in-house facilitators to deliver The Eight Principles® training to your fundraisers, staff and board members anytime—all the time.  Satisfaction among staff, fundraisers and board increases.  Turnover dramatically declines.  Productivity and commitment grows.  Fundraising truly becomes the team project.

Starting with pre-work to learn The Eight Principles, your in-house trainer then receives three days of hands-on instruction in working effectively with adults and using The Eight Principles media materials to achieve superior learning that lasts.  You’re newly minted in-house facilitator is now fully equipped to deliver the full curriculum of Eight Principles training.

From this point, you’re able to offer continual training, as needed, to everyone in the organization.

Our approach to professional caliber training is the top method in corporate training.   We’re unique in the nonprofit world.

It produces outcomes which are higher in quality and creates an unassailable fundraising culture within your organization.  And it does so while costing a fraction of typical training.

With a one-time training fee and a modestly priced annual license, your organization has unlimited access to deliver the entire Eight Principles platform.  As improvements and enhancements are made, they immediately become a part of your Eight Principles portfolio.

With train-the-trainer, your organization’s understanding of and commitment to fundraising grows and grows.

Make Success Permanent

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