Fundraising is Changing. Will You Meet the Challenge?

We train you to perceive, prepare, adjust, and adapt.

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Eliminate Board Anxiety. Reduce Staff Turnover. Raise More Money.

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Fundraising is changing.

Business as usual is no longer an option.
Even as the number of donors shrinks and keeping donors is harder than ever, opportunity abounds.
Hundreds of millions of dollars wait on the sidelines each year for nonprofits with sufficient imagination to engage them.

We train you to engage your philanthropic investors at the highest possible levels.

Transformative Success is Waiting For You. Will You Claim It?

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The Eight Principles is the only comprehensive expert-based, fundraising curriculum for nonprofits.

Our tools, training and insights provide the foundational elements crucial to building sustained giving, continuous growth and an engaged, loyal donor base.

We provide the only continuous learning fundraising training on the planet.

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We provide the only fundraising training which focuses on your entire organization not just fundraisers.

Continuous Learning 

  • Comprehensive, Interactive Team-based Training Available on Demand.
  • Align Everyone in Your Organization with a Common Set of Principles
  • Eliminate Board Anxiety while Growing Sustained Revenue
  • Dramatically Reduce Staff Turnover
  • Build Trust and Unity as You Easily Onboard New Staff
  • Continuous Learning Creates an Unbeatable Fundraising Culture
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Team Training

  • We Train You to Perceive, Prepare, Adjust, and Adapt
  • Meet the Fundraising Challenges Ahead
  • Always Be Ahead of the Curve with New Methods and Techniques
  • Engage Your Philanthropic Investors at the Highest Levels and Retain Them From Year to Year
  • Raise Staff Satisfaction and Engagement
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With our training you raise more money even as anxiety and uncertainty fade away.

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Become More Successful With Strategies That Are Right For You

There is no one-size-fits-all set of "best practices."

There are no “right” or “wrong” strategies. But there are strategies which support your goals and others that are sabotaging them.

Knowing how your efforts are working helps you become more successful--today and tomorrow.

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What Others Say About The Eight Principles®

Sally, Senior Fundraising Recruiting Executive
Martin, Fundraising Author and Thought Leader
Jay, Healthcare Executive

Gives you framework, motivation and tools to lead donors to the mountain.

D.C. Dreger

Excellent tool for professional staff and board members.

R. Gregg

“What’s been missing in the non-profit world

S. DeChenne

A powerful presentation of what fundraising really is

K. Foster

Incredible resource—simple but not simplistic.

B. Wilson

Eliminated the longstanding fear of fundraising for my board members.

S. Robson

Amazing for either expert or the just curious.

S. Carver


Larry Johnson, Founder, is the author of the award winning book, The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising

 Three national awards.   In over 800 libraries.   Textbook in two universities.
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Meet Larry C Johnson

Our Founder

I believe in the power of relationships, in the power of philanthropy, to create a better place and transform lives.

I created The Eight Principles to give all worthy organizations the ability to fulfill their dreams–and the dreams of their investors.  We do this by showing them the path to sustainable, scaling fundraising success.   Whether a small community-based nonprofit or a large established one, your organization can achieve dramatic fundraising gains which are sustainable, permanent and scale.  With the right approaches, strategically applied, whole new vistas of opportunity open for you.

Click the button below to schedule a no-obligation, no-fee meeting.  I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

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Three Stories of Transformation

Girl Scouts

The executive director approached The Eight Principles with a desperate plea for help.  The chapter was in serious trouble. The Eight Principles went to work bringing our paradigm-shifting experiences to board and staff.  In less than 120 days, their fundraising results improved by 600%. Every board member was now actively soliciting gifts.

Mind Springs Health

The new CEO set the organization on a firm path.  Now she wanted to build a new hospital. The hospital had an embryonic fundraising program.  The CEO had no fundraising experience. The Eight Principles came to show the path forward to a lasting philanthropic culture.  Staff giving jumped from 15% to 75% and a $34 million hospital became a reality.

Envision Sight and Hearing

The executive reached out to The Eight Principles with his vision. Take a solid yet unremarkable organization and dramatically improve its outreach.  We guided a reorganization of the board, with giving now at 100%. Their donor based tripled and their first endowment campaign was a success. With a lasting philanthropic culture their regional influence continues to grow.

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    Make the Complex Simple.  Create Practical Solutions.  Deliver Joy.