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The only strategic training which focuses on the entire organization not just fundraisers.

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Our online training presents a simple yet sophisticated approach to reach donors in ways that lead to increasing and steady revenue

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Through our exclusive comprehensive analysis we determine your needs allowing us to develop specific revenue creating solutions specific to you

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Three Stories of Transformation

The executive director approached The Eight Principles with a desperate plea for help.  The chapter was in serious trouble. The Eight Principles went to work bringing our paradigm-shifting experiences to board and staff.  In less than 120 days, their fundraising results improved by 600%. Every board member was now actively soliciting gifts.

The new CEO set the organization on a firm path.  Now she wanted to build a new hospital. The hospital had an embryonic fundraising program.  The CEO had no fundraising experience. The Eight Principles came to show the path forward to a lasting philanthropic culture.  Staff giving jumped from 15% to 75% and a $34 million hospital became a reality.

The executive reached out to The Eight Principles with his vision. Take a solid yet unremarkable organization and dramatically improve its outreach.  We guided a reorganization of the board, with giving now at 100%. Their donor based tripled and their first endowment campaign was a success. With a lasting philanthropic culture their regional influence continues to grow.

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The Three Proven Elements to start applying today for your Nonprofit!


Larry Johnson, Founder, is the author of the award winning book, The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising

 Two national awards.  In over 700 libraries.   Textbook in two universities.

Gives you framework, motivation and tools to lead donors to the mountain.

D.C. Dreger

Excellent tool for professional staff and board members.

Robert Gregg

“What’s been missing in the non-profit world

S. DeChenne

A powerful presentation of what fundraising really is

Kim Foster

Incredible resource—simple but not simplistic.

Brent Wilson

Eliminated the longstanding fear of fundraising for my board members.

Shelly Robson

Amazing for either expert or the just curious.

Selena Carver

Meet Larry

Larry believes in the power of relationships, in the power of philanthropy, to create a better place and transform lives.

Larry trains worthy organizations to achieve real impact by creating stable revenue streams while guiding philanthropists to realize their visions through informed generosity.  With thirty years of experience in charitable fundraising and philanthropy, Larry knows that financial sustainability and permanent revenue growth is possible for any organization or charitable cause.


Revenue Growth Potential Forfeited by Not Using The Eight Principles

Our Tribe Believes in Three Things

Sophistication through Simplicity

Bringing Joy & Fulfillment to Both the Fundraiser & the Donor

Practicality and Universal Application

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  • Build Deeper Relationships with Your Investors and Raise More Money—Consistently
  • Gain the Confidence of Knowing Exactly How to Build YOUR Fundraising Program
  • Take Back Control of Your Time and Fundraising Priorities
  • Tap into the Abundant Resources which Are Waiting for You
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  • Discover Where You Are Today with FOUR CORNERS™ PROFILE
  • Tells You Where Your Fundraising Is and Takes It Where You Want to Go
  • Daringly Simple, The First Step Is to Complete Our Exclusive Sustainable Fundraising Matrix™.
  • In Less Than 30 Minutes, We Determine the Health and Growth Potential of Your Organization’s Fundraising Program. Are You Sustainable? Can You Scale?
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