But I Want to be Sure!

I cannot count the number of times I have been asked some variation of “Are you sure this will work?”

In fundraising this question usually is phrased something like, “Can you show me other organizations in exactly the same situation when their investment of X gave them Y.”

First, no matter how similar, there aren’t any situations that are reasonably, certainly, and exactly alike. None. But it does not stop people from asking.

Being reasonably certain—even 90% certain isn’t surety. Surety doesn’t exist.

The nonprofits that know this and take the measured leap are the ones that move to the head of the pack—quickly.

Principle 3 of The Eight Principles™ is Leadership Leads™. The governing board and senior staff of an organization are the ones responsible for doing the leaping. Far too often, however, those leading are the ones resisting their role.

You know that’s the mindset of leaders when their first response to almost every proposal begins with the word, “but.”
The principle “Leadership Leads” is the law of direction. It can and should be aspirational. It’s a tragedy when it becomes status quo, or even retrograde.

Regardless, others will follow their leaders—wherever they lead.

Now, that’s a unique fundraising idea!

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