Accept No Substitutes

Several years back, a popular consumer product used the tag line, “accept no substitutes” to claim singular distinction for their product. The implication here is that the quality of the product is so high, the essence of the experience so fulfilling that you’ll never want anything else. Ever.

For nonprofit charitable organizations seeking to attract investors—some call these folks donors—it’s no different.

Charitable organizations seriously damage their cause when they low-ball their requests for support. “But we only need. . .” or “Just a $1 gives you. . .”

When an organization makes this sort of appeal, everyone will be thinking “lower price” or on the look out for another opportunity.

Principle 1 of The Eight Principles™ is Donors are the Drivers®. Donors drive philanthropy. The important thing to remember is donors aren’t focused on the money.

That’s right. Donors’ eyes are on the experience your organization is providing them.   Do you understand their values, their visions? Do you demonstrate the community changing outcomes that are the outgrowth of these values?

When you can connect your goals and achievements to the values and aspirations of your investors, they will never seek a substitute. Moreover, you’ll raise more money than ever by making it about donors, not the money.

Now that’s a unique fundraising idea!

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