Powerful Tools

I’ve heard it said that you must have the right tools to do the job right.

That’s true.

However—simply possessing the right tools doesn’t get the job done.  You must also know to how use them effectively.  Strategically.

Such is the plight of a many worthy charitable organizations.

There are a great many powerful tools available to nonprofits to assist them in their fund development efforts.  In the past twenty years or so, this cost/benefit ratio has shrunk dramatically.  That’s very good news.

What’s not improved is the ability of most organizations to use these tools effectively.  Oh, they may get the mechanics.  The software or service may even actually work.  Fancy that!

But then what?  How do the outcomes fit into a strategic whole for raising money?  The glue.  The virtuosity in a top fund development program.

For those of you who are musicians, you know that ‘learning the notes’ is but the first mechanical step in mastering a composition.  If that’s as far as your effort extends, when you perform the piece, it will sound mechanical because your understanding and skill is mechanical.

Sound comes out, for sure.  It may even be half-way pleasing.  It will not be the outstanding, virtuoso performance it could be, however.

What’s missing?  An understanding of the nuance, the soul.

It’s the very same with fundraising efforts.  You can raise money mechanically.  Episodically.  This will never approach the transformational sums you could raise consistently if you understood the nuance and soul of what philanthropy is and how it applies in your situation.  And then you use that understanding to inform your entire fundraising effort.

The plethora of software tools for fundraising is stunning.  They provide powerful services.   These tools enable you to be deliberate, individual, and consistent in your outreach.  The developers of these tools will be the first to tell you, however, their tools are only as effective as the program and strategy in which it is placed.

So, how do you understand and apply the soul of philanthropy to your fundraising? We call it The Eight Principles Way™.  By understanding and applying The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising®.

So where did these principles originate?

First, I didn’t invent these.  They’re not some cute contrivance or gimmick.  They’re not a “secret formula” for fundraising success.  Quite the contrary.  These are empirical axioms which are always in force in every situation.  They are universal because they are based in human nature.

Success in fundraising is 90% what you’re thinking and 10% what you’re doing.  Too often, that ratio is reversed.  That’s when you’re running just to stay even.

Every felt that way?

Helping everyone in your organization—from fundraisers, staff, executives and board members (especially board members)—acquire an actionable understanding of the Principles is what we do.  It’s the entire purpose of our firm, The Eight Principles.

We give you—and everyone in your organization—the right paradigm.  We do it with unique training experiences.  All action-oriented, group-focused and goal driven.  I invite you to check us out.  Learn what we’re about.  

Most importantly, see how we can help you transform your fundraising program from a collection of pieces to a symphony of virtuoso performance.

This is when you get the mega-benefit that the software tools can give.

We’re not for everyone.  Only for those who want to be the very best.  Is that you?  We’re here for you.

Larry C. Johnson is the Founder of The Eight Principles and the author of the award-winning book, The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising.