Let’s Fail–again and again

boxiconOur charitable organizations have the obligation to fail.  That is, to be leaders in innovation.  So says Seth Godin.

Why?  According to Seth, because the work they are doing is far too important to play it safe.  Risk, fail, try, risk, fail, succeed.

Young philanthropists, more and more, want to see solutions to problems not just band-aids.  Solutions take many, many attempts to discover, refine and implement.  In between solutions are failures—lots of them.

The 3 Ships of Christophus Columbus - 15th centuryThe tragedy is that the nonprofit community is perhaps the most risk-averse around.  So sad.  Philanthropy is elastic—there is so much potential waiting to be tapped.

Will your organization be the one that steps out to succeed by first “failing”?  Set your course, get your investors on board and set sail.  Remember that Columbus succeeded by failing.

Principle 3 of The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® is Leadership Leads™.  Are you ready?

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