They’re Just Lucky—we can’t

boxiconWhen working with my clients—charitable organizations who do worthy work in the communities they serve—I often hear some variation on this.  “That (other) organization was just lucky in raising money this year.”  “We can’t achieve results like those guys—they have the big fundraising budget.”  There are a thousand versions of this way of thinking but they all come down to this one:  “we can’t, because. . .”

Organizations that succeed in raising sustainable, scalable philanthropic revenue year in and year out do so because they decided to.  Big or small, rich or poor—organizations that make this decision improve their fundraising numbers year after year.

Nothing Can Stop You - Man On ArrowHow, you say?  They realize that it takes two elements to be successful.  First adopt the right paradigm built upon a solid understanding of the principles of sustainable fundraising.  Second, be persistent and consistent.  The organizations with sustainable and scaling fundraising programs know that consistent, persistent effort is critical to a fundraising model that looks forward two, even three years ahead.

You don’t need a big budget or a fairy godmother to succeed in developing sustainable philanthropic revenue for your worthy organization.  What’s required is the right frame of mind and the will to achieve it—again and again.

The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® works for all organizations—even those who don’t even know they’re using them!

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