It’s About You

If someone really likes YOU, it’s about you.

If someone likes you for your stuff—or what you do—that doesn’t mean they like you.

So where am I going with this?

Many mission-driven organizations are all about their mission.

That’s fine.  But. . .

When organizational leadership uses the “mission” as a shield for getting to know the flesh and blood folks who invest—it gets problematic.

When investors invest.  When donors give.  They are evaluating to whom their entrusting their resources.

Sure the mission is important.  But it’s almost never a deal clincher.

And when you get to gifts of size—some say “major gifts”—mission is NEVER the deal maker.

Like to know how this applies to you and your situation?  Allow me to show you. Schedule a call with me and we’ll talk.  It’s complimentary.  There’s no obligation.  In thirty minutes or less, I will give you a path to deliver that magic.

I’d love to speak with you.  Grab a time now.

Philanthropy is truly coming together in community.  In that spirit, I want to make this more than a mouthpiece for my thoughts and ideas.  In that vein, we’ve established The Eight Principles Fundraising Culture LinkedIn group.

The Group is open to all subscribers of Fundraising Culture.  Here’s where you can wade into the discussion.  Contribute.  Share.  Successes. Challenges.  Even failures.  Remember all failure is temporary.

I encourage you to join the Group and participate.  Two-way conversation is so much more satisfying then just hearing myself talk!

Each issue of Fundraising Culture will be posted in LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Group, The Eight Principles website and to our entire email family.

Don’t be shy.  I’ve heard from enough of you to know you have a great deal to contribute.

Keep the dialogue respectful, avoid promotional-only posts and you’re golden.  This is not the place to solicit for donations, however.  Those posts will be deleted.

Have a story to share?  Post in the group now.

So, what’s so special about conversation?  It’s the magic of synergy.  1 + 1 = 3.  Truly.