Free Range Donors

I was a fan of free-range chickens and the eggs they produce back when most folks didn’t even know the term. My appreciation wasn’t due to a cause of point of view I supported, however.

It was simply that free range chickens taste the best and produce those wonderful yolk rich eggs.  Some of you may know I’m the cook in my home.

The metaphor of “free-range” translates nicely into the world of philanthropy. The investors who are the the most generous and wise with their resources are those who aren’t controlled by the transactional sequence of a giving program.  Ever heard the term “moves management”?

These investors roam looking for the best.  The best opportunities to invest.  Like our fine-feathered friends if they sense a “track” they go in the other direction.  They may make a small investment in an organization that wants to put them in a “system” but they usually do so simply to avoid being entrapped into something bigger and more time consuming.

Hence what I call the “hush and go away gift.”

Attracting free-range investors is straightforward. Express interest in them.  Not your organization, program, or cause.  If you sense there’s an opportunity to help these investors fulfill their dreams and aspirations, then by all means let them know how you and your organization can help.

When you do so you’ll be richly rewarded.

So, what about all the others?  Let them continue to “free-range”.   They’re not really your investors.  Contriving to receive a small gift which isn’t reflective of their ability is beneath you.  The effort to get such a gift is better directed to those who find your offering appealing.

You’re probably asking, “So, how do I know which investors are which?”  It takes a little finessing, for sure.  It’s a lot easier these days due to all the data tools that are out there—even for small organizations.  The advent of these tools—properly used—is one of the great levelers in fundraising.

Shop wisely.  Don’t overbuy.  A little goes a long way.  It’s much more about the psychographic rather than the demographic.

Like to know how all of these applies to you and your situation?  Allow me to show you. Schedule a call with me and we’ll talk.  It’s complimentary.  There’s no obligation.  In thirty minutes or less, I will give you a path to deliver that magic.

I’d love to speak with you.  Grab a time now.

Philanthropy is truly coming together in community.  In that spirit, I want to make this more than a mouthpiece for my thoughts and ideas.  In that vein, we’ve established The Eight Principles Fundraising Culture LinkedIn group.

The Group is open to all subscribers of Fundraising Culture.  Here’s where you can wade into the discussion.  Contribute.  Share.  Successes. Challenges.  Even failures.  Remember all failure is temporary.

In encourage you to join the Group and participate.  Two-way conversation is so much more satisfying then just hearing myself talk!

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Don’t be shy.  I’ve heard from enough of you to know you have a great deal to contribute.

Keep the dialogue respectful, avoid promotional-only posts and you’re golden.  This is not the place to solicit for donations, however.  Those posts will be deleted.

Have a story to share?  Post in the group now.

So, what’s so special about conversation?  It’s the magic of synergy.  1 + 1 = 3.  Truly.