Growing Your Fundraising

When we’re trying to grow a business or an organization, there are several ways we can do it.

1.    We can work harder, longer doing what we’re doing.

2.    We can do something different.

3.    We can find better investors.

The first way is where we find many nonprofits.  More galas, more donors, more asks.  More of what we’re already doing.  Just crank up the treadmill.  How’s that working out?  I’m winded already!

The second way is where we often find high-performing nonprofits.  (Read:  raising more money with less effort.)  Retool your efforts to be aligned with who you are and within the natural laws of philanthropy.  Now you’re thinking.

The third way is where we hone in on those folks who are aligned with us.  Our values, our dreams.  This approach makes your organization soar.  But only if you’re already doing the second thing.

By first embracing number 2, number three is where you blast off.

Think about soaring rather than running on the treadmill.  I remember the first time I saw a Bald Eagle in flight.  An incomparable sight!

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