Taking Control

The only way to get things done is to take control of the situation and move forward.  Success may be incremental. However, for sure you get nowhere if you’re waiting for something to happen.

From the time we were in grade school, we were taught to wait until asked.  That works in some social situations, but it surely doesn’t work for building something of value.  You have to take control.  You have to stand out.

“But I might fail,” you say.  So what? Is that worse than not trying?

And the good news—failure almost always leads to ultimate success.

We’re masters at rationalization.  We tell ourselves all sorts of lies.  They give us comfort.

Here are some of the most popular for those who would like to build a strong fundraising program but lack the guts to try:

“We don’t have. . .”

  • enough time
  • enough money
  • engaged leadership
  • sufficient experience

Balderdash!  These are all false.  Want to see a fuller list of fundraising myths?  Take a look at these

Go ahead and try. You’ll thank me for it.

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