Be Here—Now

The term “black swan” is used to describe an unexpected event so compelling that your very existence is altered.

Fundraising has these.  Beware.

You’re busy planning your next gala when a phone call comes in from a prospective investor who wants to talk.

What do you do?

Take the call.

You’re scripting your next fundraising mail campaign when a team member comes into your office and tells you of a current investor who has arrived unannounced and wants a tour.

What do you do?

Do the tour.

You’re knee-deep preparing for a board meeting presentation when a long-time investor calls and wants to have lunch today to share a serious personal issue.

What do you do?

You have lunch.

Get the idea?

Principle 1 of The Eight Principles® is Donors are the Drivers®.  Your investors are your reason for being.

Never forget that.

If you do, they may very well forget you.

Then where will you be?