Donors are People

Donors are People—yes, they are.

You’d think that was self-evident.  I haven’t seen lions, tigers or bears showing up on donor rolls, lately.

And yet, by the words that fundraisers sometimes use, you might think otherwise.

Only recently, I’ve heard a fundraiser refer to a donor with significant giving ability as the “big Kahuna”. Another suggested that we should go out and “stalk” our prey to get an introduction.  Yes, that’s the word that was used.

Sounds more like big game hunting, doesn’t it?

Most people I know are a bit put off being treated as objects of prey.

But it’s just terminology, you say?

Yes it is.

The thing about the terms we use, however, is that they reinforce how we think.  They shape what we do.

Principle 1 of The Eight Principles™ is Donors are the Drivers®.  Donors drive philanthropy through their visions and values.

They’re people, too.

You’re not “stalking” you’re inviting.  You’re inviting them to an opportunity that is without price. 

If you can manage this frame of mind, 90% of your fundraising angst will disappear.