Working Backwards-another unique fundraising idea

Every well-meaning nonprofit organization wants to move forward. The phrase “going forward” implies progress. “We need more to do more” is the oft-heard refrain from nonprofit organizations seeking funds.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with raising more money for a worthy cause. Quite the contrary. Allow me to pose a unique fundraising idea. Rather than seeking more commit to knowing more. What?

Seek to know more about those from whom you seek financial support rather than simply seeking more support. By knowing more about the values, dreams and visions of those who can and will give to your cause, you’re in a much stronger position with these investors.

Take this knowledge and use it to shape your appeals and outreach. By understanding who would naturally support you, you’re in effect working backwards. That’s a unique fundraising idea—working backwards! And yet, it works.

Imagine a win-win relationship with a financial investor. What does it look like? Take that clear mental picture and work backwards, step by step. Now you have a clear path for moving forward!

Principle 4 of The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® is Learn & Plan™. Start at the finish line by learning what success with a donor will really look like, then work backwards. The unique fundraising idea is simply starting at a different point. Your donors will reward you handsomely.

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