Tricks, Tips or Treats?

Tips or Treats

Tis’ the season for ghouls, ghosts and monsters.  They’re all around us.

From now until the end of the year, each day will bring the day’s fresh raft of fundraising silver-bullets and sure-fire fixes to ace year-end.  Do this, say that.  Mail things in this way.  The definitive plan.  The never fail technique.  Scare the h—l out of your supporters.  Whatever it takes.

What it “takes” is relationships you’ve faithfully nurtured and maintained throughout the year.  No amount of slick approaches will ever compensate.

When you reach out and ask, when you invite others to fulfill THEIR passions, you’ll be pleasantly pleased with ‘yes’ far more often than ‘no.’

Short on real relationships with your supporters?  Then prepare so you’ll be ready for NEXT year.  Believe it or not there’s something worse than a ‘no.’  It’s ‘here’s a gift (now don’t come back)!’

Now THAT’S scary.  Think you never see this? 

Every time you try one of the tips or tricks, that’s exactly what you’re getting.  Donors are onto these things.  They see them coming.  Tricks and tips are the rocks in donors’ candy bags.

An honest ask keeps you in the game.  The quick tip or trick, doesn’t.

As you plan your year-end outreach, TREAT your donors with a heartfelt query as to what’s important to them.  I guarantee you’ll love the result.

Principle 1 of The Eight Principles™ is Donors are the Drivers®.  Donors drive philanthropy.  And they don’t drive it with their money.

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