Taking the Short Cut

Certain things work a certain way.


When we’re seeking funds for our organization, there are certain “rules” that are always acting. Always in force. (Even if we’re not aware of them.)

I call these The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising®.

These are not my invention. My contribution is to codify them and give them names.

They’re based in human nature.  Universal. Always acting.

When we create our fundraising program based on the latest tools, techniques and trends we risk getting into a real head wind.  Even going off the rails.

Why?  Because tools and techniques are NOT interchangeable or universally applicable.  Principles are.

When we conduct our fund development outreach to our supporters within the confines of The Eight Principles, magic happens.

We not only raise much, much more money for our work, we give our investors (AKA “donors”) the biggest blessing of all.

The opportunity to be an integral part of our work and share in our successes.

That’s why people invest.

So—if you’re appealing to them out of quid pro quo or—worse—guilt or obligation, you’re not only cheating yourself out of abundance.  You’re also cheating your investors.  Robbing them of their joy.

Create your fundraising programs with donors as your focus, not your mission.  Principle 1 of The Eight Principles® is Donors are the Drivers®. They drive the philanthropic enterprise with their dreams, not their money.

If you remember this one thing and you’ll never have to worry about sufficient money to fuel your cause again.

Sure, it takes longer to do it this way.  But it’s the only way everyone wins.  You, your investors, and those whose lives you impact.

Want to know just HOW MUCH more money use raise when you use The Eight Principles?  Check it out.

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How do you fix this? By building a program of strategic relational fundraising which brings your investors closer to your organization emotionally.  We call that The Eight Principles Way™.

Let us show you how to create the path for donors that yields truly transformational givingSet up a time to chat today  We’ll listen.

Once in place, you’ll see your renewal rate and your income grow each year.  Your donors will love you for it.

If you’d like us to help you create a winning fundraising culture, let me know.  I’ll point you in the right direction.