Raise Money Fast!

When nonprofit organizations ask for help in raising the critical funds they need, the word “fast” or something like it is usually embedded in their request.

The urgency of staff and leadership of the organization usually comes from the sense of significant need they want to fill.

Being able to raise money fast is possible. It all comes down to making decisions. Choosing to make decisions, rather than continually seeking more data to simply avoid the choice.

Principle 3 of The Eight Principles™ is Leadership Leads™. It’s the leaders’ responsibility to make decisions quickly, in the right sequence and without seeking a lot of outside opinions.

An example of making the decision in the right order is Principle 4, Learn & Plan™.   First learn who those who would support you by their values and visions, then plan your outreach to them. How many times have we seen the reverse?

The cliché “many heads are more valuable than one,” does have merit. Getting information from several sources is fine. Making everyone a party to a decision isn’t. That’s for leaders.

Getting expert knowledge in the form of training or a coach can be very beneficial. I know because I am one. Making the availability of a coach or having a lot of money the prerequisite to change is not only not required but it can also be a way of hiding or delaying.

So, you want to raise money fast? Make decisions quickly using the right people, put the activities in the right sequence and never, never wait for full knowledge—because it ain’t possible.

Now that’s a unique fundraising idea!

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