Philanthropy Wins the Race—always

Those that make philanthropy an integral part of their lives have discovered that they are often first in anything they do.  Anything?  Philanthropy is about giving of yourself to others—your time, talent and your resources.  So does “giving it away” get you to the head of the line in life?  Every time.

Misers aren’t hopeful people.  They desperately cling to what they have, fearful that there is nothing more.  Fear and doubt are the only things that are plentiful for these individuals.  “Stingy” is the mild case of this condition but even just a bit of this germ often leads to the full-blown disease.  The reason is that it’s about attitudes, not amounts.  The glass is either half-empty or its half-full.   The selfish clearly have decided that its scarcity not abundance that rules.

The connection economy, with its jet thruster the internet, has only amplified the differences between the givers and the takers.  The internet economy preaches and practices abundance every day.  The value of the givers is multiplied many times over while the takers simply fall behind and often drop out, altogether.

So what I am saying?  I’m saying that when you give of yourself—whatever you give—these things always come back to you, often multiplied.  Look around.  Who are the confident, outgoing—those successful in both life and career?  These are the givers among us, not the hoarders or takers.

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