Magic Kingdom Fundraising—it works

When I use the words, “magic kingdom” you’re probably thinking of what I am—Disney.  That name brings many things to mind—Mickey, Minnie, a world apart.  For those of us who have had the opportunity to visit one of the Disney theme-parks we know that they, also, are a world apart.  Optimism, and customer service are the cardinal virtues at Disneyland and Disneyworld.

These virtues manifest themselves in a number of ways.  Seth Godin, recently pointed out that one of these ways is in clean bathrooms.  So why is this important—for Disney, not the customer?  It certainly isn’t a profit center; there’s no charge to use them.  It’s important to Disney to provide these spotless facilities because they want to remove any reason for someone not to return.  How low tech is that!  Hmmmm. . .

Take a good look at your current fundraising program.  Have you provided clean bathrooms?  Have you given your donors every reason to give again? Do you thank—really thank—your donors in ways that are meaningful to them?  Do you say “It’s my pleasure when an investor or customer says “thank you” or do you use the commonplace “no problem”?

So, if a donor ever says to you “This place is just like Disneyland”, take it as the highest compliment you will ever receive.

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