Magic-and falling in love

TreeI once heard it said that if fund development were a process that yielded instantaneous, almost effortless results it wouldn’t be called “development” it would be called “magic.”  When those of us who do fundraising for our charitable passions raise our game to the level of philanthropy, however, it can and does become magic.

The magic of which I am speaking is not an incantation yielding countless funds seemingly without effort.  Rather, it is the sense of awe and wonder that the philanthropist feels when they receive something totally unexpected, even inexplicable from the organization or cause in which they invested.


What on earth could that be?  I experienced magic when I received a DVD in the mail containing a brief video of less than 3 minutes telling the life-changing story of a young boy who my gift had helped.  I experienced magic when I received a one-fold postcard explaining how my gift had been a part of a cancer survivor’s personal victory.   I experienced magic when I received a brief phone call from a board member simply thanking me for my-modest-gift.


As a result, my appreciation only grows for these organizations.  One could even call it love, or at least affection.


It’s not difficult but it is magic-because it is unexpected and so rare.  It’s no surprise that the same charitable organizations who are in the business of doing magic for their donors also find that their ability to deliver on their passion-transforming the lives of others-only grows, enabled by the steady and increasing philanthropic investments of those who support them.


Principle 7 of The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® is Renew & Refresh™.  Those who invest in you are much, much more likely to renew our support if you let us experience the magic.


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