How Does it Make You Feel?


Feelings are important. Emotions drive many of our decisions—large and small. And yet, we don’t want to be “emotional”.

Nonprofits take this admonition very seriously as they make their rational—some might say over rational—appeals for investments in their cause.

Prove it with data. Show that we’re on top of this problem. Demonstrate we have THE solution to a great social ill.

“Give X and we’ll solve Y.”

Data is useful. Being stone-cold rational can even save your life.

It’s rarely convincing, however. It’s almost never persuasive.


It’s not what their feeling. It’s doesn’t tap into their soul.

When is the last time you seriously sought to understand what your donors are feeling?

When you reach out to them do you inspire them to help you? Hint—that’s a feeling. Do they feel courageous when they invest in your cause?   Does your cause stir their passion?

Encourage your investors to feel. To experience positive, uplifting emotion.

Investing in others, being generous with your resources, brings all sorts of benefits to the donors as well as you. One of these is a deep sense of well being. Money can’t by this.

Fundraising which is evergreen is never about money. Yet money is one of the results.

Principle 1 of The Eight Principles™ is Donors are the Drivers®. Don’t forget it’s about them not you.

The next time your reach out to ask another for an investment in your cause, stop and think of how they’re feeling. I guarantee you’ll both be better for it.

Now that’s a sustainable fundraising idea.

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