Getting the Gift—it’s never success

GettingTheGiftAll of us who have set out to raise money for our favorite charitable organization or cause always set out with one question, “Will be successful?”  By that, we invariably mean will be able to secure the gift, even several gifts to reach our goal.


Although I would never suggest that getting turned down repeatedly is a form of success, simply getting a person—or several persons—to say yes isn’t success, either.


The headlong pursuit of getting “funded”—how I loathe that word—often leads to an organizational blindness that we’re right and we’re on the right track.   This sort of behavior is particularly prevalent among organizations that depend heavily upon organized philanthropy, independent foundations and government, for their income.  Get the grant, meet the requirements, finesse—that is “alter”—our mission to fit the “funder’s” conditions.


Success is being successful—delivering on your mission, changing lives and enlisting true-believers to join and contribute to your cause.  Principle 2 of The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® is Begin at the Beginning™.  Your purpose is success.  It’s never simply getting the grant.


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