Get Out the Remote

Get Out The Remote

Ah. It’s after dinner and you’re ready to do a little channel surfing. Americans watch A LOT of television—be it broadcast, cable, streaming. You name it.

The question is WHAT are YOU watching?

When there were three channels, the options were closely defined. Now the options are (almost) limitless. Is that better or worse?

There are more options than ever to raise money—from more people than ever.

But the questions remain. What will you choose? Are more donors better?

Principle 4 of The Eight Principles™ is Learn & Plan™. Fundraising efforts which enjoy sustained growth work closely within this principle.

So, what does it mean?

First take the time and effort to learn the values and visions of the donors who will put you near the top of their list. Once you have a good grip on this group, make deliberate plans to invite them.

But, I might not get everyone who will support me? That’s right.

You neither need nor want EVERYONE who might support you to give to you.


Your goal is the highest level of sustained philanthropic support over time.

How do I start?

Here at The Eight Principles™ we put it all together for you with cutting edge training and coaching programs. Start with our digital learning platform, Oracle League™ and you’re on your way!

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