Everyone Wants It

If you asked a hundred people what they would most want in this life, the answer might surprise you.

Believe it or not, most people want to be trusted, respected, and understood.

In our hyper connected world, however, more and more people DO NOT have these things.

Social media. Electronic connection. “Efficient” asymmetrical communication (email, voicemail, messaging).

All of these things promise genuine “connection” but they don’t deliver.

When’s the last time you were vulnerable to someone who approached you in this manner?  Unless you’re a naïve adolescent, the answer, I’m confident, is “never.”

When well-meaning nonprofit organizations make overtures to their investors and potential investors, hardly ever do that address the core needs of these individuals.

I say “individuals” as that is where almost 90% of philanthropic funds come from. (So, if you’re spending most of your time chasing corporate sponsorships and grants, you’re not even in the game.)

By offering the rare commodity of genuine respect and understanding to your investors, you’ve catapulted ahead of the vast majority of nonprofits out there.

Think of the opportunity?

Do this and let everyone stand back in wonder.

How do you do this? That’s precisely what The Eight Principles does.  We show you how.