DIY Fundraising

Fundraising is simple, right?  Yes and No.

It’s simple if you have a real understanding of the principles of fundraising.  Those natural laws that always apply—everywhere and in every situation.

We call those The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising®.  Even with a different name, they’re still the same.

We love DIY.  To wit, the huge home-improvement industry.  From television shows to huge product warehouses.

Fundraising is no different.

Like other DIY, it only works if there’s a basic level of expertise backing you up.

Unfortunately, far too often our “expertise” is a hodgepodge of something we saw on YouTube or instructions read on Quora.

Just because someone said it on the internet or at a conference does not make it true—or useful.

So, how hard can it be?  REALLY hard if you don’t know the BASICS.  The PRINCIPLES.

When you learn the principles, then you’ll know what to buy and how to put it together.

Otherwise, you’re just flying buy the seat of your pants and hoping for the best.  Not a winning strategy.

Go for the best.