Clicking and Impact

Getting leverage in your fundraising program is about connecting; connecting with your prospective supporters. But how? That all depends upon what you’re looking for

Social media has given us the effortless endorsement. With the click of a key, you’ve endorsed, liked or affirmed something or someone. What does it mean?

For your nonprofit seeking to build sustainable philanthropic revenue through fundraising, it should mean more commitments yielding more resources to deliver on your all-important purpose. It should mean focusing on impact rather than the endorsement. Unfortunately, that is often a unique fundraising idea.

Far too often, we see actual fundraising campaigns built upon the idea that somehow, someway, the social media endorsement—the “like” actually converts in to real, usable resources to deliver on a worthy charitable mission.

The result? Lots of organizations wondering why they money never shows up? The reason? Impact is delivered by those who already know you; support you, and—most of all—trust you.

Most nonprofit organizations—probably even yours—need far fewer investors than they think they do. That’s a unique fundraising idea. Less is more. And yet—it’s true.

Take the time and expend the effort, energy and focus to reconnect and renew your relationships with those they already support you—with their resources, rather than their clicks.

Principle 7 of The Eight Principles™ is Renew & Refresh™. More time invested in renewing means far less time searching and far more resources invested in your mission. Think about it.

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