Busyness Versus Effectiveness

We live in an age where people measure themselves against how “busy” they are.  “I’m so busy” implies that my life is filled with significant things.  “I’m too busy to do that,” suggests my life is so under control that I’ve already figured out what’s important (and what’s not).

“Busy” does not equal “effective,” however.

They reason why we think it does is because activity is easier to measure than outcomes.  Instead of being deliberate and purposeful in our fundraising, seeking long-term permanent success, we’re all running around like lemmings from sun up to sun down.

Doing more of what you’re already doing—at an even faster pace—is almost for sure not the way to achieve your true fundraising potential.  Did I hear someone say “more money?”  Yes.

Permanent success—raising the most money today and tomorrow—is what counts.  This is the success that gives you the fuel to deliver a critical mission.  This is the success that gives you the ability to be truly strategic.

How do I get this, you say?  You must first be sufficiently sick of what you’re currently doing to be willing to approach fundraising differently.

Once you’ve reframed your thinking, you’re ready to embrace a solution that works.

Not a packaged one-size-fits-all “system” or a set of quick tips, but a way of thinking that empowers you to create the fundraising program that’s for YOU. An approach that builds upon your uniqueness as it employs the universal, natural laws of philanthropy.

You can do this.  Wishing won’t make it happen.  But it’s far easier than you think.

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