The Eight Principles® Curriculum

Principle. Paradigm. Process.


Everything you need for sustained fundraising success.  Knowing where to start–no matter where you are now.  How to lead others effectively.  Understanding donors and philanthropy.  Communicating to be heard and understood.  Learning who your supporters are–and how you reach them.    Appreciating differences between donors–and why they matter.  How to keep your donors while acquiring new ones.  Creating a program with the lowest costs and highest returns.  Knowing how to accurately measure your progress.

The complete strategic fundraising curriculum.  Over 50 instructional contact hours with over 70 downloadable worksheets and exercises in 14 distinct lessons.  Contains all the material from all five topical course modules.

Includes two bonuses:

  • Live coaching and orientation session to get you started.
  • Upon completion, you earn an Eight Principles Fundraiser Certification with certificate.

Priced at 40% under individual course pricing.  A savings of almost $1,000.


Lesson 1:      Donors are the Drivers®

The first principle of The Eight Principles®, Donors are the Drivers®, speaks to donors as the prime movers in philanthropy. They are the engine propelling fundraising forward. But their money is not the fuel. This is the fundamental principle for fundraising success.

6 videos, 1 case study, 4 worksheets, 1 exercise

Lesson 2:      Begin at the Beginning™

Acquire an understanding of philanthropy.  Explore how money influences relationships. Learn how to use your knowledge to create a workable fundraising paradigm for your organization.

5 videos, 1 case study, 2 worksheets, 2 exercises

Lesson 3:      Leadership Leads™

Learn the components of effective leadership in sustained fundraising success.  And why it matters.

6 videos, 1 case study, 3 worksheets, 3 exercises

Lesson 4:      Learn & Plan™

Learn how to define your organization’s donor constituency, then construct a working plan to build awareness and support among the segments of your donor family.

videos, 1 case study, 4 worksheets, 4 exercises

Lesson 5:      Work From the Inside Out™

Appreciate the importance of interpersonal connections in sustainable fundraising.  Acquire the essentials of constructing expanding, stable networks of volunteers, supporters and donors.

6 videos, 1 case study, 3 worksheets, 3 exercises

Lesson 6:      Divide & Grow™ I

Learn the natural differences between your donors and see how these affect your ability to sustain and scale your fundraising revenue. Understand the various fundraising business models and how to choose the best one for you.

6 videos, 4 worksheets, 2 exercises

Lesson 7:      Divide & Grow™ II

Appreciate how the natural differences between your donors affect your ability to sustain and scale your fundraising revenue. Learn the cost/benefit differences between various fundraising vehicles.  See how to choose between these to construct a program which generates the maximum sustainable revenue in your situation.

6 videos, 1 case study, 4 worksheets, 2 exercises

Lesson 8:      Renew & Refresh™

Learn why renewing your current supporters at the highest possible rate is your top priority for revenue stability, and the key to transformational revenue growth. Refreshing your donor base, although necessary and important, is always second to renewal.

6 videos, 1 case study, 4 worksheets, 3 exercises

Lesson 9:      Invest, Integrate & Evaluate™

Give your fundraising efforts the right fuel.  Learn how removing needless headwinds and making periodic course corrections are essential to achieve the revenue stability and achieve your growth potential.

6 videos, 4 worksheets, 3 exercises

Lesson 10:      The Un-Plan

Gain a practical understanding of the distributed planning process using input from primary sources–principally donors–to inform your fundraising multi-year planning. Then create your own multi-year plan using the approach of “little bets” or small experiments.

6 videos, 3 worksheets, 3 exercises

Lesson 11:     The Development Plan

Identify the components of a workable development operations plan and how they relate to one another.   See why “single source” fundraising efforts are doomed to failure.  Create your own one-year fundraising operations plan.

Lesson 12:      Building Your Pipeline

Learn the essential role of current use cash gifts in a comprehensive fundraising program.  See how an understanding of how current cash giving is the foundation for all sustainable philanthropy–and why.

5 videos, 4 worksheets, 2 exercises

Lesson 13:      Current Use Cash as the Foundation for Asset Based Giving

Learn the tools and strategies for creating and maintaining a program of upgrading cash gifts.  See how current cash gifts are the essential first step to transformational growth.  Creating the opportunity for gifts of assets.

5 videos, 4 worksheets, 2 exercises, 1 checklist

Lesson 14:     Getting There–Asset Giving

Learn why gifts of assets are the ultimate “major” gifts.  Acquire the tools and strategy for creating and maintaining an ongoing stream of asset gifts. Learn how asset gifts generate the highest levels of revenue while providing the most revenue resilience.  Literally making your fundraising efforts bullet proof.

5 videos, 4 worksheets, 1 checklist

Approximate time to complete:  46 hours

Certification as an Eight Principles Fundraiser is granted upon submission of all course quizzes and successful completion of the final timed, quiz.
No Bones Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 14 day full refund. Guaranteed.

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