Provide Clarity—or limit the confusion

It’s year end. “The best time of the year” for retailers, Santa Claus and. . . .fundraisers. What about donors? In the mad rush for the year-end gift, it is all too easy to forget who is on the receiving end of our endless pleas and solicitations. Why not take a moment to consider the donor’s situation and their dilemma?

Philanthropists—large and small—have several issues weighing on their minds at this time of year. How much to give?; to whom?; in what manner? Totally outside of their philanthropic activities are the demands of careers and family that are almost always greater during the holiday season. That means even less time to make thoughtful decisions about year-end giving.

Charities and nonprofits, also, have their pressing concerns, often including increased need for their services and tight cash flows. To remain faithful to their supporters, the fundraisers and nonprofit executives must reign in their own anxiety and focus on the donors’ interests and concerns.

Giving is about developing, maintaining and enhancing relationships with donors. The first rule of fundraising is the Golden Rule—do unto others. . . .

Larry C. Johnson
M. E. Grace & Associates