Generosity Partnership Steering Committee Fee + Spouse



2022 Membership Fees

Member + Spouse: $7,500

(Member $5,000) Use member link.

Fees can be paid through credit/debit card:
— Credit/Debit cards will be processed through the Stripe account of The
Eight Principles
Money will be transferred to Generosity Partnership once Generosity
Partnership is incorporated and checking account is established – January

2022 Generosity Partnership

Charter Membership – Invitation Only
Membership is all inclusive and includes
1st Annual Generosity Partnership Gathering
Boise, Idaho • May 17-19, 2022

All expenses for Gathering including:
— Ground Transportation
— Lodging
— Food and Beverage
— Idaho Night Activity
Note: The only expense not covered is member travel to Boise.

Date Due
On or before 12/31/21

**This form is used ONLY to collect the membership fees for the Steering Committee.
Design and distribution of formal invitations with details will be developed in February
2022 and published on the Generosity Partnership website when live.