Fundraising success—it’s not about money

Wait, I thought that fundraising WAS money? Well yes—and no. Money is an outcome of a successful fundraising program; it’s not the goal, however.

Sustainable revenue—year after year—will be the result of a well-executed development program that makes as it’s number one goal a relationship with your donors based upon shared values and aspirations. It’s as simple as that.

Well, actually it’s not “simple”—easy that is. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most difficult to pull off. Simple in that growing donors is much like building friendships that last. Think of the golden rule. Do unto others. . .? The other part of “not easy” is a lot like physical exercise. It is the consistency that is both the most difficult yet yields the most dramatic results.

Like exercise, success in fund development is directly proportional to consistency of effort. But isn’t that what friends are for?

Larry C. Johnson
M. E. Grace & Associates