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Take The Fundraising Pathfinder™ and Discover Your Personal Path Forward

The Fundraising Pathfinder™ is our breakthrough proprietary AI algorithm which, in a matter of a few minutes, provides you with an incredibly accurate review and analysis of your fundraising program.  Then it gives you your personal road map for achieving your strategic fundraising goals.

The Pathfinder answers your critical questions.
  • How sustainable are my current revenue streams?
  • How resilient is my fundraising to economic downturns?
  • How quickly can my program scale?  How fast can it grow?
  • Are my current efforts supporting or sabotaging my success?
The Pathfinder illuminates your way forward.
  • Which paths will stabilize, support, and strengthen my fundraising?
  • Which paths are acting to weaken, diminish and sabotage my fundraising results?
  • What is the path for my optimum results?
  • How aligned am I with The Eight Principles?
The Pathfinder shows you the paths to achieve your goals.
  • I want to embark on a capital campaign
  • Creating or improving my major giving effort
  • Putting my annual cash program into high-growth mode
  • Installing a planned giving program and creating long-term stability
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  • Identify and Tap Into Abundant New Revenue Sources
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  • Powerful Training Experiences Inform, Motivate and Unify Your Entire Organization
  • The Most Sophisticated Concepts Are Presented Simply.
  • Achieve Your Fundraising Goals by Putting Your Executive, Staff and Board on the Same Team, Focused on the Same Goals.
  • Create a High Performing Fundraising Culture That’s Permanent

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