Why continuous learning?

The Future is Coming Faster than You Think.

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Because Continuous Learning Solves
Your Toughest, Most Persistent Fundraising Problems–Permanently


Everyone's On A Different Page

After Continuous Learning
  • Everyone has a common understanding
  • United by a common purpose
  • Easily on-board new staff
  • Build trust and unity

My Board is Anxious About Fundraising

After Continuous Learning
  • Board members united
  • Fully engaged
  • Energized
  • Given purpose

My Fundraising Staffing is a Revolving Door

After Continuous Learning
  • No more staff merry-go-round
  • Move onto the superhighway
  • Dramatically improve outcomes
  • Significantly reduce costs

We're Not Raising As Much as We Could

After Continuous Learning
  • Fundraising revenue grows
  • Predictably
  • Continually
  • Attain un-reached revenue levels

Eight Principles Continuous Learning is Unlike Any Other Fundraising Training

Developed by international fundraising thought leader and founder of The Eight Principles, Larry C Johnson, Continuous Learning develops leaders at all levels in your organization which are equipped to respond and act on any fundraising challenge. Whether executive, fundraiser, board or rank and file staff, when changes in the fundraising landscape occur, they're never caught flat-footed or bound to a process or solution that's quickly obsolete.

Adopting a static set of "best practices" or simply investing in high-powered technology will not keep you relevant.

Who’s Talking?

What Others Say About The Eight Principles®

What has been missing in the non-profit world.

S DeChenne

Manages both to be sophisticated—for professional fundraising leaders—yet accessible for boards and executives who don't consider themselves content experts in fundraising.

P Drury

We use this with all our board members

K. McMaster

Eliminated the longstanding fear of fundraising for my board members

S. Roberson

Easy yet significant exercises

R. Kennedy

Provides a pathway to success, now and into the future

D. C. Dreger

An excellent tool for any not-for-profit organization, for both their professional staff and their board members

R. Gregg

Simple. Sophisticated. intuitive.

Simple yet sophisticated, our training courses are intuitive and create broad understanding and acceptance.

Here's How You Do It.

With You Own Live Facilitator,

Video Lessons, Participant Journals, Interactive Exercises and On Demand Delivery

You Achieve Total Organizational Alignment.

Take A Peek Inside:

Continuous Learning experiences are a skillful blend of all three learning modes:  visual, auditory, and kinetic.

Learning sessions are conducted live by your own facilitator.  Sessions are set in group discussion format, usually groups of 6-8 participants.  Groups work together through the lessons and exercises.  Sessions can be one or many groups allowing you to scale up or down.  Every session concludes with the creation of an action plan with accountability milestones.

Sessions are excellent team builders.   Meaningful results happen when everyone shares the same goals and mindset,  Board members, senior staff, fundraisers–even program staffers and volunteers gain deep understanding of their role in fundraising and how their role fits into the whole.

Facilitator Training covers every aspect of implementing an effective program.  Facilitators practice presentation and learn how to be effective with adult learners. Effective room arrangement and technology use.  How to get by-in from management and staff.  How to create a follow-up plan for long-term effectiveness.

Here’s an actual video from the curriculum

Your facilitator uses high quality instructional videos to engage your team while conveying strategic concepts. Built in pauses provide question and discussion opportunities.

There is no fundraising jargon or acronyms used in the videos or exercises.  Sophistication through simplicity.   Discussion, third person teaching, and role play are a part of each course experience.

Here are a few pages from the Facilitator Manual.

Facilitators receive a continually updated manual that leads the step by step to deliver any of the continuous learning courses.  It includes all the course scripts, techniques and methods of presentation and how to generate support for the program throughout your organization.

The Facilitator Manual has templates for course feedback, recommendations on room arrangement and logistics as well as guidance on how to scale up or scale down group size.  Lastly, there are recommendations on the most effective course sequences within your organization that will create–and maintain–organizational alignment.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the Participant Journals

Each learning experience has an accompanying custom Participant Journal which participants use to complete exercises, record notes, ideas, and reflections.  Individual and small group exercises provide practical reinforcement, the results being recorded in the Journal.

Eight Principles Continuous Learning is developed with the fundamental understanding that effective fundraising is built on organizational alignment.  That’s why we employ language, exercises, and total team involvement that’s simple yet powerful.

Our Continuous Learning training experiences give everyone an understanding of the universal, immutable laws of sustainable fundraising.

They guide you in applying these principles to your particular situation.

Then you assemble the strategic fundraising program that yields transformational results for you.

Continuous Learning experiences give you results that last.

The Eight Principles Continuous Learning curriculum is the ultimate in accessibility and convenience.  Courses are multi-media.  All course materials–videos, journals, guides–are in the cloud.

Facilitators lead the sessions using videos, journals and guides.  Each course has a carefully designed script and plan to achieve the learning objectives.  Nothing is left to chance.  There’s even timed background music for exercises.  Your facilitator can customize any of the learning sessions to meet your situation.

Participant Journals serve as both a tool for learning and as a record of each individual participant’s experience for future reference.  Participant Journals can be used electronically or downloaded and used hard copy.

Sophisticated.  Simple. Intuitive.


Reap the Benefits of Continuous Learning far Quicker and for less cost than you think.

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Execute in Three Easy Steps

Aspire to be the best

Step 1

Train one of your own to train others.

Select a facilitator.

The first step in bringing Continuous Learning to your organization is to identify a staff member who will become your Eight Principles Facilitator.  This person need not be a fundraiser, per se, but should have the potential to be trained to work with groups delivering the Continuous Learning curriculum.

Once chosen, your facilitator completes an on-line pre-course, learning the ideas and principles of the curriculum.  Working independently at their own pace, this takes approximately 10 hours.

Your facilitator then participates in a two-and-one-half-day live session composed of a small cohort of fellow facilitators.

Upon completion of the live session, your facilitator is certified to deliver the entire Eight Principles live curriculum.

Download the Facilitator Training Syllabus

Step 2

Activate your unlimited use license

Get unlimited access to the experiential curriculum.

Once your staff member becomes a certified facilitator your organization is ready to active your on-demand license.

You’re able to deliver the full curriculum to everyone inside your organization on-demand.  Your facilitator accesses the cloud-based multi-media platform complete with high-quality videos, high-definition visuals, and interactive exercises.  Custom participant materials are also in the platform and can be used electronically or downloaded and used in hard copy.

In-house delivery and accessibility puts everyone in your organization in alignment while building and strengthening an incredible fundraising culture.

Enhancements and expansions are continually made.  Your unlimited-use license makes these immediately available to you.  A true SaaS system.

The combination of on-demand delivery and immediate access puts the highest quality training available in your hands quickly and conveniently.  No travel, no waiting.

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Our hands-on continuous learning curriculum is delivered effectively by your staff member–regardless of past fundraising experience.

With our continuous learning platform  your in-house facilitators deliver The Eight Principles® learning experiences to your executive, staff, board members and fundraisers anytime—all the time.  Satisfaction among staff, professional fundraisers and board members increases.  Turnover dramatically declines.   Commitment and productivity increase.  Sustained revenue growth is the result of total organizational alignment.

You’re able to offer continual training, as needed, to everyone in the organization.

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enthusiastic Team
Peer to Peer

Step 3

Use our unique curriculum

Create empowered leadership throughout your organization.

Our training experiences delivered in interactive groups involve everyone in your organization. Executives and staff, fundraisers, board members—even volunteers.  Our curriculum stresses outcome-based thinking.  Not bound to a static set of “best practices”, the continual learning curriculum shows you how to think, analyze and adapt to the changing fundraising landscape.  Be doing so, you align your entire organization while building the critical elements required for sustained giving, continuous growth, and an engaged, loyal donor base.

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Our live experiential continuous learning sessions are created for executives, staff, board members and professional fundraisers.

Experiential and hands-on, your facilitator delivers them in plain language with no off-putting jargon or fundraising-speak.  There’s no sitting in lecture settings staring at 12-point slides.

You learn through experience.  You work in small groups.  You learn by doing.  You measure what you learn against universal principles.  You create an action plan with accountability steps and move forward.  Your facilitator gets everyone engaged.

You gain the understanding to create the fundraising program which is right for your organization.

When it comes to fundraising, the focus should be on your entire organization.  Meaningful results happen when everyone shares the same goals and mindset; whether you’re an executive, board member, fundraiser, staff, or volunteer. When everyone is on the same page, you become an unstoppable force.

Our unique sessions give you the complete picture.

Download the Curriculum Description

Initial Success is Only the Beginning

Create an unstoppable force.

Starting to deliver courses is only the beginning.

We provide ongoing support through assistance in implementation and tracking of program progress and improvement.  A member of our customer success team meets with you periodically to guide you and help you.  We assist you in working through challenges and tracking your progress.

Transformative results happen when everyone shares the same goals and mindset; whether you’re an executive, board member, fundraiser, staff, or volunteer. When everyone is on the same page, your organization becomes an unstoppable force.

When everyone in your organization is on the same page, morale is high, turnover low, existing investors are moved to their highest potential levels of giving, new investors get on board and stay.

We have a vested interest in your success.

Interactive Training

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During the session, we’ll focus on you. Your challenges. Your goals. From this single session, we’ll give you a roadmap on what to do next. Whether you decide to continue on that journey with us or not--That's not what this call is about. This session is to help you get clear on what to do next.

Hear Roger, foundation president and Certified Facilitator, share about bringing The Eight Principles® "inside."

Who’s Talking?

What Others Say About The Eight Principles®

Sally, Senior Fundraising Recruiting Executive
Martin, Fundraising Executive and Author
Jay, Healthcare Executive
Putting the Puzzle together

Answers to Your Questions

The Eight Principles continuous learning platform is unique in the nonprofit world. It makes the sophisticated clear and simple.  It creates the organizational alignment, momentum and power to deliver your true fundraising potential. It provides a seamless learning experience.

Click below to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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What is Continuous Learning?

Eight Principles Continuous learning is sophisticated, fundraising training that’s presented simply and clearly by an in-house facilitator on demand to everyone in your organization.  Executives. Fundraising professionals.  Staff.  Board members.  Volunteers.

How is our Continuous Learning different from other fundraising courses and education?

Our Continuous Learning is fundamentally different in design, delivery and content.

  • Design – Our Continuous Learning is designed for adults.  It’s designed in the ways adults learn.  Less than 40% of the time is devoted to direct instruction.  Over 60%+ is participant activity.  During a session you’re working in teams.  Active in exercises, third-person teaching, planning.  Focused on creating action plans and follow-up accountability.  It’s multi—media.  Live facilitator.  Video. Personal journal.  Case studies.
  • Delivery – Our Continuous Learning is delivered inside your organization by your own trained facilitator.  It’s delivered on-demand as often as desired. With an active license, there are no additional fees or charges.  Even the participant materials are included.
  • Content – Our Continuous Learning is focused on putting everyone on the same page–everyone sharing the same goals and mindset.  We don’t focus on teaching a single set of tactics but instead on applying strategies that support your goals and truly understanding them, so you can respond accordingly for continued success tomorrow.
Will Continuous Learning be right for my organization?

Eight Principles training will benefit any charitable organization which depends in part on independent philanthropic revenue.  Those organizations who benefit the most have a growth mindset.  They embrace reasonable change.  They possess a serious desire to improve—to be better.  When they embark on a new project, they have staying power to see it through.  Perhaps most important–they see  philanthropy as a relationship between itself and the donors who invest in it.  For these organizations, Eight Principles Continuous Learning sets them for success.

What does a Continuous Learnng session look like?

Virtually all fundraising courses and training sessions are presented in traditional “classroom” settings or conference presentations.

                   Continuous Learning is nothing like this. 

It’s not sitting, classroom style, in a stuffy hotel meeting room, passively listening to a speaker talk to 12-point slides.  It’s not attempting to understand  comments laden with jargon and acronyms.  You work together in teams.  It’s all learning styles–auditory, visual and kinetic.  It’s goal oriented.  You get direction and see results immediately.

How does Continuous Learning compare with “best practices” training?

The term “best practices” refers to a collection of processes and techniques which are considered to represent the best in professional fundraising.  “Best Practices” are not static, however.  They’re a moving target as philanthropy and fundraising are changing faster than ever.  What is “best practice” for one organization will not necessarily be a good choice for another.  As soon as a “best practice” is adopted, it quickly becomes obsolete.  Organizations that cling to a given set of “best practices” will soon find themselves behind the curve or irrelevant in the current philanthropic environment.

Eight Principles training focuses on the unchanging principles of sustainable fundraising and philanthropy.  It focuses on mindset and strategy.  By having a working understanding of the unchanging principles, organizational leaders are empowered to select the set of processes or practices which are best for them.  They select their own, optimum “best practices.”

How do I bring Continuous Learning into my organization?

First, decide that you want the incomparable benefits of Continuous Learning.  The will to claim your potential is the most significant step.  Select an individual within your organization to be trained as a Facilitator.  We can help you identify the right person.  Select a license length.  Either a one-year renewable or three-year renewable.  When you’ve acquired your license, we assign a dedicated client success officer to provide ongoing support.  They will focus on successful implementation and tracking your progress.

What if my organization doesn’t have a full-time trainer or even professional fundraiser?

Virtually anyone in your organization can be trained to effectively deliver the full live training curriculum.  It’s our facilitator preparation training for our Continuous Learning program. At The Eight Principles, we know that, although skill is involved, being successful in fundraising is much more about mindset than skill set.

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