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Why Eight Principles?

Those who grasp principles successfully select their own methods. Those who try methods, ignoring principles, are sure to have trouble.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson



By starting with principles, the choice of methods becomes clear and simple.

The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® are the natural laws which govern all philanthropy—whether or not you’re aware of them.

Always operating, they define what works and what doesn’t.

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Lasting fundraising success begins with the right foundation. 

A firm understanding of the unchanging principles of sustainable fundraising creates an unshakable foundation for building a fundraising program which delivers sustained success. Consistently generating the highest levels of philanthropic funds possible.  Through good times and bad.

Your true potential is almost certainly much more money than you’re currently raising.

Without the right foundation, however, methods alone will never achieve lasting, sustained success.  Hence the feeling of being on a treadmill.  Sadly, the experience of many fundraisers.

We begin with the natural laws which govern philanthropy.  Unchangeable.  Unbreakable.  Operating in all places all of the time.  We call these The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising®.  When you choose your methods without an abiding understanding of these principles you will never produce lasting, sustained success.  Never.

By beginning with the principles, a whole new world opens for you. 

The Eight Principles® inform the fundraising methods you choose for your particular situation.

For example, Principle 1:  Donors are the Drivers®.  Donors drive philanthropy.  Donors are literally in the driver’s seat.  But they don’t drive philanthropy with their money.  But rather, by their dreams and aspirations.  They’re looking for a return that simply cannot be bought.

Yes, money is a part of fundraising.  A critical part.  But make no mistake, philanthropists aren’t focused on money even as fundraisers almost always are.  Herein is the critical disconnect that hamstrings so many fundraising efforts.

To truly “get this” requires what we call, the “Aha Moment”.   That’s the flash of recognition that comes when you realize fundraising isn’t about you, your organization or even the worthy work it does.  It’s about fulfilling the dreams of others–those who invest in you.  It’s about achieving a dream that neither your organization nor your investors can do alone.

We show you to how use The Eight Principles to build an unstoppable fundraising machine. 

And raise much, much more money while bringing joy to those who invest in you.

What We Do

We enable worthy organizations and those who support them to realize their dreams.

We give our clients the opportunity to create joy to the donor, lasting passion for the fundraiser, and continuous healthy increases in philanthropic revenue.

Through cutting-edge training and unique guidance tools, we enable our clients to see revenue gains as high as 600% in a single year.  Our training is unique:  You learn by doing.

You know where you want to go. We’ll get you there.

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We give you the winning mindset.

We provide you with the training that puts you on the path to growing, sustained fundraising success.

We show you how to think and act in new ways then act accordingly.

We start with our fundraising compass, Orbis4™.  It gives you a clear-eyed view of your optimum path forward.

You learn that fundraising success is 90% thinking and 10% doing.

We align the thinking of your staff, fundraisers and board members through one or more of our interactive workshops.  Created for adults with high levels of participation, activity and accountability.

You discover new revenue streams and increase the ones you have.

When you adopt The Eight Principles you deepen support among your current supporters while discovering many new ones.

Your fundraising costs—how much you’re spending to raise a dollar—drop dramatically.

The ROI of your fundraising efforts, the “return on investment” can go from a low of 25% to an eye-popping 600%.  With high costs and a low ROI, much of what you’re currently raising is consumed by what you’re spending on fundraising.  Not good.

We show you how to make fundraising a true joy.

For many executives, board members and even fundraisers, the anxiety of “asking for money” is stifling.  With The Eight Principles®, the pit in your stomach that comes when someone says, “It’s time to fundraise,” goes away.   You realize that helping others realize their dreams is an opportunity to bring joy to your investors and yourself.  Your real fundraising potential is now in sight.

Our training brings real organizational stability.

No more revolving doors for staff and board members.  The right people get involved–and stay.  Building an incredibly strong and stable organizational culture.

You make success permanent.

With our Train-the-Trainer we prepare your in-house facilitators to deliver The Eight Principles® training to your fundraisers, staff and board members anytime—all the time.  This approach to professional caliber training is unique in the nonprofit world.  It produces outcomes which are higher in quality and creates an unassailable fundraising culture within your organization.  And it does so while costing a fraction of typical training.

Never has quality training been so accessible and affordable. 

We know we have the best.  We want to share it with you.



Larry C Johnson

The visionary force behind The Eight Principles®, Larry believes in The Triple Win™.

Charitable organizations building authentic relationships with the philanthropic investors that support them, resulting in changed lives and better communities. The pie gets larger–not merely divided differently.
Partner, Operations

Danielle Ranko

Danielle has her finger on the pulse of The Eight Principles®.

She loves to provide our clients with unique and memorable experiences while exceeding their expectations. Her inspiration comes from her own passion for making an ordinary request an extraordinary one, no matter how small.
Partner, Client Engagement

Daniel O’Keef

Daniel always wants to anticipate a client’s needs, not merely respond to them.

His goal is that each and every client achieves the results and exceeds the goals they set for themselves. His engaging smile helps, as well. Empathetic listening is perhaps Daniel’s greatest skill. He knows that understanding precedes any guidance.
Regional Partner

Melissa S. Brown

Melissa believes in the power of The Eight Principles®.

Melissa believes in the power of The Eight Principles® and knows that sustainable fundraising is accessible for all nonprofits. Melissa builds The Eight Principles tribe!

Our Corporate Partners

The Eight Principles Fellows

President and Founder, Nonprofit.Courses

Matt Hugg

Matt Hugg is an author and instructor in nonprofit management in the US and abroad. He is president and founder of Nonprofit.Courses, an on-demand, eLearning educational resource for nonprofit leaders, staff, board members, and volunteers, with thousands of courses in nearly every aspect of nonprofit work.
Founder, PivotGround

Sarah Oliveri

As the founder and heart behind PivotGround, Sarah helps nonprofits make a big impact with relative ease. Sarah is the creator of the Impact Method™ - a framework that helps nonprofits simplify their operations, build aligned teams, and make a bigger impact without getting overwhelmed or burning out. She has over 15 years of nonprofit leadership experience.
Founder & CEO, Ten10

Rick Swanson

Rick is the founder and CEO of Ten10. Similar to Amazon Smile, Ten10 raises funds for nonprofits every time a supporter makes a purchase at local businesses. Rick previously built two of America's fastest growing companies as ranked by Inc. magazine and is on a mission to bring his fundraising skills to the nonprofit world.
Global Ambassador, Silicon Valley Forum

Sachin Mahadik

Sachin has 20 years of experience in the education sector and specializes in international education with specific focus on institutional collaborations. His belief that ‘Education is no longer local’ has driven him to establish institutional partnerships worldwide. During his years in higher education he has a wealth of experience of working with nonprofits and understands the importance of fundraising activities.

Sally Bryant DeChenne

Sally serves as the president and CEO for one of the nation’s leading search firms specializing in recruiting and training advancement professionals. She began her advancement career in 1989, serving in both higher education and healthcare before starting her own consulting firm in 2001. She is an award-winning speaker and entrepreneur and is passionate about philanthropy and building powerful teams.
Chief Strategy Officer, Wellspring Family Services

Peter Drury

Peter serves as Chief Strategy Officer for Wellspring Family Services, an innovative nonprofit human services organization with a hybrid business model combining both social-enterprise and philanthropy to fuel the mission. He is also Adjunct Faculty for Seattle University’s Nonprofit Leadership Program; a director on the board of the Women’s Funding Alliance; and strategic advisor for The Key to Change.
Co-Founder and Principal Advisor, The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Marc Stein

Marc Stein is Co-Founder and Principal Advisor at The Global Center for Nonprofit Excellence® and Co-Inventor of OpX360®. Marc currently serves on the board of Jews for Jesus. His previous roles include Vice President and Executive Team Member of Joni and Friends International Disability Ministry, President of Gospel Light Worldwide, and National Director of the International Bible League and various other roles within the professional services and entrepreneurial arena. Marc holds degrees from California Coast University and is the author of Referral Rainmaking, How to Build Your Business Through Professional and Client Referrals.
Executive Director, Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation

Jay Lugo

Jay has served as executive director of Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation and the Idaho Lions Eye Bank for over two decades. Jay is passionate about philanthropy which is built upon bilateral relationships between giver and receiver. He’s committed to fundraising which builds sustainable revenue.
CEO (Honorary), World Blind Cricket Ltd.

Aswini Sahoo

Aswini has worn many hats in his 20 years of professional experience working with National & International Media Conglomerate, NGO’s, International Donors, Sports sectors in India, Middle East and Sub-Continent. Aswini strongly believes in giving back to the society as it brings ultimate peace in life.
President, Five Minutes with Martin, LLC

Martin Leifeld

Martin Leifeld serves as an author, consultant, coach and public speaker. During his 24 years of fundraising leadership, Martin and his teams raised over $500 million dollars. Martin established the website MartinLeifeld.com as a resource for fundraising and leadership. Martin recently published a new book FIVE MINUTES FOR FUNDRAISING – A Collection of Expert Advice from Gifted Fundraisers.
President, Mind Springs Foundation

Roger Sheffield

Roger brings over 30 years of service as a fundraising development professional. Roger’s passion lays in connecting with the donor on a personal level. His experience with philanthropy leaves his donors and nonprofits in better places.
Founder and CEO, PlannedGiving.com and Major Gifts LLC

Viken Mikaelian

Viken Mikaelian was the first to bring planned giving to the Internet back in 1999. Since then, his company PlannedGiving.com has helped over 3,200 non-profits get their planned giving programs on the Web. Viken has presented at over 500 planned giving councils, AFP and AHP chapters, foundations, and banks, and five times at the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning (formerly the National Committee on Planned Giving). He publishes Giving Tomorrow and Major Gifts Report, and has authored over 1,600 articles for capital campaigns and planned giving programs.
Founder & CEO, Charis Legacy Partners

Scott Monk

Scott Monk is an author, blogger, and the Founder and CEO of Charis Legacy Partners, a boutique wealth planning firm focused on the small niche of investors with strong charitable legacy goals. In service to his own personal financial goals, he has spent his entire career exploring the depths of financial planning strategy for maximizing lifetime charitable impact, and he started Charis Legacy Partners to share that expertise with other like-minded individuals.

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