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Who We Are

Larry C Johnson, Founder

The visionary force behind The Eight Principles®, Larry believes in The Triple Win™.  Charitable organizations building authentic relationships with the philanthropic investors that support them, resulting in changed lives and better communities.  The pie gets larger–not merely divided differently.

Robert Costa, Jr., Partner, Business Development

As the champion of his own nonprofit cause, Robert’s passion for extraordinary service to our clients is intensely personal.  He works tirelessly to identify a custom fit of products and services to solve our clients’ challenges and exceed their expectations.  For Robert, the best thing in life is helping those around him and watching them succeed.

Danielle Ranko, Partner, Operations

Danielle has her finger on the pulse of The Eight Principles™.  She loves to provide our clients with unique and memorable experiences while exceeding their expectations.   Her inspiration comes from her own passion for making an ordinary request an extraordinary one, no matter how small.

Daniel O’Keef, Partner, Client Engagement

Daniel always wants to anticipate a client’s needs, not merely respond to them.  His goal is that each and every client achieves the results and exceeds the goals they set for themselves.  His engaging smile helps, as well.  Empathetic listening is perhaps Daniel’s greatest skill.  He knows that understanding precedes any guidance.

Larry Halvorson III, Partner, Strategic Alliances

Larry identifies and builds key alliances with the financial services industry to create value and financial stability for nonprofits.   Larry works toward mutual benefit collaborations.  With an illustrious career in private banking and wealth management, he’s well positioned to identify and build relationships with key financial partners.

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