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Build a permanent high performing fundraising culture inside your organization.

Eliminate Board Fundraising Anxiety

Remove mindset stumbling blocks while creating high levels of positive engagement and joy.

Create Growing and Sustained Revenue

Create a robust and sustained fundraising revenue stream that grows continually.

Dramatically Reduce Staff Turnover

Get off the fundraising staff merry-go-round.  Dramatically improve outcomes even as you significantly reduce costs.

Empower Executive Leadership

Empower and invigorate your executive leadership.  Give them breathing space to lead with vision.

Achieve Fundraising Levels You've Only Dreamed Of With Train-the-Trainer Continuous Learning


What is “Continuous Learning”?

Continuous Learning is the process of learning new skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis.

With Train-the-Trainer, our continuous learning platform, we train a member of your staff to deliver The Eight Principles curriculum of live training experiences on demand.  With a one-time facilitator training fee and an annual subscription, your organization has unlimited access to train every member of your organization.

Continuous learning creates a permanent high-performing fundraising culture in your organization.

What’s Special About Train-the-Trainer?

Gives your organization the highest skill and knowledge retention

Provides for ongoing training even as your staff members change

Ensures a consistent understanding level among your staff and board

 The most cost effective training available

“Training available to everyone at the level they need when they need it.”

–Bill A,  Hospital CEO

Putting Train-The-Trainer Inside Your Organization is Simple


Step 1

You select a staff member to be trained as an Eight Principles Facilitator

Step 2

Your staff member completes Facilitator Training

Step 3

Your organization acquires a license for unlimited use of The Eight Principles Live Curriculum

Step 4

You deliver any or all of The Eight Principles live courses on-demand to anyone within your organization

Step 5

Your fundraising program soars–and stays that way

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continuous learning.

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Answers to Your Questions

Our Train-the-Trainer continuous learning fundraising training is unique.  Employing cutting edge training methods specifically designed for adult learners, it presents the most sophisticated fundraising principles and concepts simply.  It’s suitable for board members, executives, staff, fundraisers and volunteers.  All available on demand inside your organization.

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What is Continuous Learning?

Our continuous learning fundraising training, Train-the-Trainer, makes the full Eight Principles live curriculum available to your organization any time, all the time.  For everyone in your organization.  It’s the most affordable and effective professional level training available.  A trained member of your staff serves as an internal facilitator delivering the training on-demand.  All for a flat fee.  In a word, incredible.

Why is Continuous Learning important?

To stay competitive in today’s competitive philanthropic environment your organization needs to be innovative, adaptive, and ever-changing.  Achieving this depends on the skill and knowledge of your professional staff, board members and volunteers.  If your organization doesn’t support a continual process of learning, your innovation stalls, your processes remain static, and your fundraising program becomes adrift.

What if my organization doesn’t have a full-time trainer or even professional fundraiser?

Virtually anyone in your organization can be trained to deliver our live training curriculum.  At The Eight Principles, we know that, although skill is involved, being successful in fundraising is much more about mindset than skill set.

What are the benefits of Continuous Learning?

Creating a learning culture within your organization is the most effective way to improve fundraising performance and innovation. It achieves the highest levels of executive, staff and board satisfaction and retention. Here’s why:

  1. Knowledge is power – The more your executives, staff and board members know and the more they can do, the more they can contribute to your organization.
  2. More cost effective – When you invest in the development of your board members and fundraising staff  your costs for continually recruiting and grooming new board members as as well as recruiting, rehiring and training new staff drop dramatically.
  3. Shows that board members and staff are valued – When you support continuous learning,  you demonstrate that your board members and staff are worth the investment and that your organization is sincere about career development.
How is Eight Principles live training different from other fundraising training?

Our live training is unlike any fundraising training you’ve experienced.  First, it’s designed for adults.  It uses adult training techniques.  Less than 40% of the time is devoted to direct instruction.  Over 60%+ is participant activity.

You work in teams.  You learn through exercises, third-person teaching, group planning.  You’re focused on creating action plans and follow-up accountability.  It’s multi—media.  Live facilitator.  Video. Personal journal.  Case studies.

What does a live training session look like?

Virtually all fundraising training is presented in traditional “classroom” settings or conference presentations.

                         Live Training is nothing like this. 

Our training isn’t sitting, classroom style, in a stuffy hotel meeting room, listening to a speaker talk to 12-point slides.  There aren’t any stale comments laden with jargon and acronyms.  You work together in teams.  We employ all learning styles–auditory, visual and kinetic.  We focus on goals.  You get direction and see results immediately.

How are facilitators chosen and trained?

Your facilitator need not be a fundraiser.  Training for facilitators begins with a 30 hour online course learning The Eight Principles which is completed 30 days prior to the live training.  Live training is two-and-a-half days in a cohort of 5-7.  Emphasis is on understanding The Eight Principles approach, adult learning styles and manipulating the various media.  Eight Principles live training courses are multi-media within an integrated platform stored in the cloud.  With the multi-media content, the facilitator uses a Facilitator Manual complete with course scripts, explanations and guides on presenting.  Nothing is left to chance.

Will Train-the-Trainer be right for my organization?

Does your organization have a growth mindset?  Do you want to improve; to be better?   Do you have a willingness to embrace some level of change and do you have the staying power finish what you start?  Do you see philanthropy as a relationship between your organization and your donors who invest in you?  When you can answer “yes” to these questions, you’ll benefit immensely from Train-the-Trainer.

How much does Train-the-Trainer cost?

Train-the-Trainer is very affordable for your organization with an annual operating budget of $1 million or higher.  Your annual licensing fee scales depending on your annual operating budget.  Continuous training is extremely cost effective as you have no travel costs to conferences or Per Diem charges from consultants or coaches.  Your only additional charge are modest material charges for participant materials.

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