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Our Onsite Continuous Learning Solves Your Toughest, Most Persistent Problems–Permanently

Creating a Culture of Generosity

Everyone's On A Different Page

After Continuous Learning
  • Everyone has a common understanding
  • United by a common purpose
  • Easily on-board new staff
  • Build trust and unity

My Board is Anxious About Fundraising

After Continuous Learning
  • Board members united
  • Fully engaged
  • Energized
  • Given purpose

My fundraising Staffing is a Revolving Door

After Continuous Learning
  • No more staff merry-go-round
  • Move onto the superhighway
  • Dramatically improve outcomes
  • Significantly reduce costs

We're Not Raising As Much As We Could

After Continuous Learning
  • Fundraising revenue grows:
  • Dramatically
  • Continually
  • Sustainably

‘Continuous Learning’ is our Unique Train-the-Trainer Platform

Our Unique Training

Achieves Permanent Transformative Impact While Being the Most Cost-Effective.

Simple. Sophisticated. Intuitive.

Achieve Fundraising Levels You've Only Dreamed Of

Go From Ho-Hum to Transformative

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Your Permanent Solution

Continuous learning

creates and maintains a high-performing fundraising culture in your organization.

It’s training inside your organization with your own facilitator on an ongoing basis.

We train a member of your staff to deliver The Eight Principles live training curriculum on demand.

It’s sophisticated yet simple.  Suitable for everyone in your organization–professionals and volunteers.

With  a one-price  license, your organization has unlimited curriculum access to train every member of your organization.

Execute in Three Easy Steps

Aspire to be the best

Step 1

Train one of your own to train others.

Select a facilitator.

The first step in bringing Continuous Learning to your organization is to identify a staff member who will become your Eight Principles Facilitator.  This person need not be a fundraiser, per se, but should have the potential to be trained to work with groups delivering the Continuous Learning curriculum.

Once chosen, your facilitator completes an on-line pre-course, learning the ideas and principles of the curriculum.  Working independently at their own pace, this takes approximately 10 hours.

Your facilitator then participates in a two-and-one-half-day live session composed of a small cohort of fellow facilitators.

Upon completion of the live session, your facilitator is certified to deliver the entire Eight Principles live curriculum.

Download the Facilitator Training Syllabus

Step 2

Activate your unlimited use license

Get unlimited access to the experiential curriculum.

Once your staff member becomes a certified facilitator your organization is ready to active your on-demand license.

You’re able to deliver the full curriculum to everyone inside your organization on-demand.  Your facilitator accesses the cloud-based multi-media platform complete with high-quality videos, high-definition visuals, and interactive exercises.  Custom participant materials are also in the platform and can be used electronically or downloaded and used in hard copy.

In-house delivery and accessibility puts everyone in your organization in alignment while building and strengthening an incredible fundraising culture.

Enhancements and expansions are continually made.  Your unlimited-use license makes these immediately available to you.  A true SaaS system.

The combination of on-demand delivery and immediate access puts the highest quality training available in your hands quickly and conveniently.  No travel, no waiting.

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Our hands-on continuous learning curriculum is delivered effectively by your staff member–regardless of past fundraising experience.

With our continuous learning platform  your in-house facilitators deliver The Eight Principles® learning experiences to your executive, staff, board members and fundraisers anytime—all the time.  Satisfaction among staff, professional fundraisers and board members increases.  Turnover dramatically declines.   Commitment and productivity increase.  Sustained revenue growth is the result of total organizational alignment.

You’re able to offer continual training, as needed, to everyone in the organization.

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enthusiastic Team
Peer to Peer

Step 3

Use our unique curriculum

Create empowered leadership throughout your organization.

Our training experiences delivered in interactive groups involve everyone in your organization. Executives and staff, fundraisers, board members—even volunteers.  Our curriculum stresses outcome-based thinking.  Not bound to a static set of “best practices”, the continual learning curriculum shows you how to think, analyze and adapt to the changing fundraising landscape.  Be doing so, you align your entire organization while building the critical elements required for sustained giving, continuous growth, and an engaged, loyal donor base.

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You learn through experience.  You work in small groups.  You learn by doing.  You measure what you learn against universal principles.  You create an action plan with accountability steps and move forward.  Your facilitator gets everyone engaged.

You gain the understanding to create the fundraising program which is right for your organization.

When it comes to fundraising, the focus should be on your entire organization.  Meaningful results happen when everyone shares the same goals and mindset; whether you’re an executive, board member, fundraiser, staff, or volunteer. When everyone is on the same page, you become an unstoppable force.

Our unique sessions give you the complete picture.

Download the Curriculum Description

Whose Talking? 

What Others Say About The Eight Principles®

What has been missing in the non-profit world.

S DeChenne

Manages both to be sophisticated—for professional fundraising leaders—yet accessible for boards and executives who don't consider themselves content experts in fundraising.

P Drury

We use this with all our board members

K. McMaster

Eliminated the longstanding fear of fundraising for my board members

S. Roberson

Easy yet significant exercises

R. Kennedy

Provides a pathway to success, now and into the future

D. C. Dreger

An excellent tool for any not-for-profit organization, for both their professional staff and their board members

R. Gregg

Don't blow your entire professional development budget on a couple of courses for a few people.

Train everyone in your organization--all the time and anytime--for a fraction of the cost of one-time conferences, courses, and consultants. Continuous learning is THE most cost effective training.

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During the session, we’ll focus on you. Your challenges. Your goals. From this single session, we’ll give you a roadmap on what to do next. Whether you decide to continue on that journey with us or not--That's not what this call is about. This session is to help you get clear on what to do next.

When You Learn Continually

Your Fundraising is Transformed

Delivering training sessions inside your organization is just the beginning.

We stay with you and follow your progress closely.

A client success team member is dedicated to you who meets with you and your team quarterly.  These meetings are supplemented by ongoing email support.

We monitor your fundraising outcomes.  We assist you with implementation plans and challenges.

We become partners in your continued success.

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Answers to Your Questions

Our onsite learning fundraising training is unique.  Employing cutting edge training methods specifically designed for adult learners, it presents the most sophisticated fundraising principles and concepts simply.  It’s suitable for board members, executives, staff, fundraisers and volunteers.  All available on demand inside your organization.

Click below to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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What is continuous Learning fundraising training?

Our continuous learning fundraising training makes the full Eight Principles team curriculum available to your organization any time, all the time.  For everyone in your organization.  It’s the most affordable and effective professional level training available.  A trained member of your staff serves as an internal facilitator delivering the training on-demand.  All for a flat fee.  In a word, incredible.

Why is continuous learning important?

To stay competitive in today’s competitive philanthropic environment your organization needs to be innovative, adaptive, and ever-changing.  Achieving this depends on the skill and knowledge of your professional staff, board members and volunteers.  If your organization doesn’t support a continual process of learning, your innovation stalls, your processes remain static, and your fundraising program becomes adrift.

What if my organization doesn’t have a full-time trainer or even professional fundraiser?

Virtually anyone in your organization can be trained to deliver our live training curriculum.  At The Eight Principles, we know that, although skill is involved, being successful in fundraising is much more about mindset than skill set.

What are the benefits of continuous learning?

Creating a learning culture within your organization is the most effective way to improve fundraising performance and innovation. It achieves the highest levels of executive, staff and board satisfaction and retention. Here’s why:

  1. Knowledge is power – The more your executives, staff and board members know and the more they can do, the more they can contribute to your organization.
  2. More cost effective – When you invest in the development of your board members and fundraising staff  your costs for continually recruiting and grooming new board members as as well as recruiting, rehiring and training new staff drop dramatically.
  3. Shows that board members and staff are valued – When you support continuous learning,  you demonstrate that your board members and staff are worth the investment and that your organization is sincere about career development.
How is continuous learning different from other fundraising training?

Our live training is unlike any fundraising training you’ve experienced.  First, it’s designed for adults.  It uses adult training techniques.  Less than 40% of the time is devoted to direct instruction.  Over 60%+ is participant activity.

You work in teams.  You learn through exercises, third-person teaching, group planning.  You’re focused on creating action plans and follow-up accountability.  It’s multi—media.  Live facilitator.  Video. Personal journal.  Case studies.

The goal of continuous learning is nothing less than total organizational alignment.  No amount of topical courses or one-off workshops can accomplish this.

How does our continuous learning  compare with “best practices” training?

The term “best practices” refers to a collection of processes and techniques which are considered to represent the best in professional fundraising.  “Best Practices” are not static, however.  They’re a moving target as philanthropy and fundraising are changing faster than ever.  What is “best practice” for one organization will not necessarily be a good choice for another.  Organizations that cling to a given set of “best practices” will soon find themselves behind the curve or irrelevant in the current philanthropic environment.

Continuous learning training focuses on the unchanging principles of sustainable fundraising and philanthropy.  Truisms that apply all the time every time.  By having a working understanding of the unchanging principles, organizational leaders are empowered to select the set of processes or practices which are best for them.

How does our continuous learning compare to conventional courses, coaches and consultants?

Continuous learning is far more effective in bringing fundamental improvement and producing transformational fundraising outcomes than one-time courses and periodic training by coaches or consultants.  One-time courses and periodic training by coaches or consultants are TEN times more costly than our Continuous Learning program.  This makes continuous learning especially affordable for smaller organizations with limited professional development budgets.

What does a continuous learning fundraising training session look like?

Virtually all fundraising training is presented in traditional “classroom” settings or conference presentations.  You’re sitting, classroom style, in a stuffy hotel meeting room, listening to a speaker talk to 12-point slides.  Lots of stale comments laden with jargon and acronyms.

                    Continuous Learning is nothing like this.

You work together in teams.  You’re focused on doing.  We employ all learning styles–auditory, visual and kinetic.  We focus on goals.  You get direction and see results immediately.

How are facilitators chosen and trained?

Facilitators are a member of your team.  Virtually anyone in your organization can be trained to effectively deliver the full live training curriculum.  It’s our facilitator preparation training for our Continuous Learning program. At The Eight Principles, we know that, although skill is involved, being successful in fundraising is much more about mindset than skill set.

Training for facilitators begins with an online course learning The Eight Principles which is completed prior to the live training.  Live training is two-and-a-half days in a cohort of 5-7.  Emphasis is on understanding The Eight Principles approach, adult learning styles and using the various media effectively.  Eight Principles continuous learning courses are multi-media within an integrated platform stored in the cloud.  With the multi-media content, the facilitator uses a Facilitator Manual complete with course scripts, explanations and guides on presenting.  Nothing is left to chance.

Once we start, then what?

We are vested in your success.  Each client receives ongoing support and guidance to ensure the optimum integration of the concepts into your organization.  We follow your progress closely.

As our continuous learning is a SaaS platform, enhancements and new learning experiences are added periodically.  We notify you of every improvement and guide your facilitator through any particulars.

Will Continuous Learning be right for my organization?

Does your organization have a growth mindset?  Do you want to improve; to be better?   Do you have a willingness to embrace some level of change and do you have the staying power to finish what you start?  Do you see philanthropy as a relationship between your organization and your donors who invest in you?  When you answer “yes” to these questions, continuous learning will transform your organization into a fundraising juggernaut.

How much does Continuous Learning cost?

Continuous Learning is affordable and very cost effective for your organization.  Pricing and licensing are simplicity itself.  License fees are renewable one or three year terms.  Facilitator training costs are included in the license fee.  An on-demand license gives you unlimited access to the platform with downloadable participant materials.  Your licensing fee is determined by the number of facilitators you wish to train and term of your renewable license.  Continuous training is extremely cost effective as you have no travel costs to conferences or Per Diem fees from consultants or coaches.

Still Have Questions?