Those that Do—and Those that Don’t

Why is it that some nonprofits seem to grow and grow, gaining accolades and support as they go while others—with missions and aspirations that are no less urgent or important—struggle or run in place?

One place to look is the paradigms they use as they communicate with others and attempt to convert them to their cause.

Which is more appealing to you—the organization that shouts urgency and emergency with every missive or press release or the one, which continually, consistently asks for a relationship, a connection for now and in the future? Isn’t that sort of like the “sky is falling”. We know how that turned out.

What about the organization that is always—and I do mean always—fundraising. We know the type. Fundraising is about cash and they never let you forget it.   Who cares what sort of subterfuge or guilt trip you have to endure.   Compare that with the organization that seeks a dialogue, an ongoing conversation. It’s not about now. It’s about now, tomorrow and next year. We need you and we want you—to be our partner.

Principle 7 of The Eight Principles™ is Renew & Refresh™. Renew your supporters year after year and refresh from time to time. You’ll not have to wonder why you grow, and grow. It’s all in the approach. Now, there’s a unique fundraising idea.

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