They Can—but will they?



Nonprofit leaders, in a recent survey, stated that foundations could do more to help them with their most pressing needs.  The question has never been could they?  A better question is why would they?


I am amazed—and then again I’m not—that many leaders of our well-meaning charitable organizations think about securing support only through the lens of their needs.  When will they—or anyone, for that matter—realize that enlisting the support of another is not about them or their needs, it’s about the concerns and goals of the individual or organization whose support your attempting to enlist?


Whether it’s a foundation or a single donor, engaging that potential supporter is about understanding and appreciating that potential supporter—their interests, their values—and engaging them in a mutually beneficial conversation.  I say “conversation” for even foundations are comprised of individuals.


Principle 6 of The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® is Divide and Grow™.  Treat your different donors differently, and according to their particular interests and abilities.


Let’s work to achieve mutual goals with those that support us.  Simply bemoaning that things should be different is beating the proverbial dead horse.  No wants to be a part of that.



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